Falun Gong builds Foundation for New Human Civilization

Shen Yun Performing Arts shocked the world with its divinely inspired performances based on female beauty and male power

The spiritual self cultivation method of Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, has achieved incredible success and impact in society since being introduced to mankind in 1992 in Changchun, China.

In today´s world the spiritual civilization has been on a downturn for many years while the evil world communism has taken over almost every aspect of society in many countries. Many people therefore leave the ancient religions and look for other ways to spiritual growth. Why do they do that? People can´t live without a spiritual life, this is the truth that nobody has mentioned but mankind´s history is very clear on this point. People always worshipped something above the material world. Today it seems like some religions will do anything modern to shun their own Gods. The obvious end game of our rulers is to make every person a slave under a few rulers and finally replace all humans.

Xi Jinping the CCP leader supports the Talibans in Afghanistan

Nature runs in cycles and human civilisation too. When the bottom is reached there must inevitably be a change for the better. This is a law of time and nature. Right now I believe most people can notice that mankind is struck by one huge disaster after another starting with the pandemic, the global vaccine programme then the war in Ukraine and now we are waiting for the next big problem, be it another plague or another big war.

However, there should be a complete reversal of times very soon due to reaching the bottom level of this phase. How could things reverse when it looks so dark? Let´s first take a look at the CCP (chinese communist party) that looks like the strongest and most wicked government on this planet. At this stage the CCP might look the most powerful ever and it´s growing its power overseas. On the other hand that is not considering the disasters that have been covered up inside China. For example 400 million Chinese have died from disease during 2019-2023 which we reported last year. The number of protests in China have reached new heights and Chinese people were locked up for 3 years during the pandemic.

Last but not least the world does not yet know how many Falun Gong practitioners the CCP has murdered since 1999. The number might well be in the millions and the karma for doing that is of course huge and karmic retribution will inevitably hit China and the CCP soon.

At the same time the Falun Gong movement has gone from strength to strength over the years and now finally threatening the internet monopoly of Google/Youtube through its new video channel Gan Jing World – . However, this is far from everything that the Falun Gong movement is busy with. Let´s take a look at the main Falun Gong projects growing by the day. The foundation of Falun Gong is spirituality and divine faith, something very rare these days. However, it has been prophesied since the beginning of time that mankind´s morality would sink to the bottom and at the same time there would be a new way of reaching spiritual enlightenment offered to mankind. This enables free choice for everyone, either complete barbarism or personal improvement in line with Falun Gong´s three words of guidance which are Truthfulness – Compassion – Tolerance.

The main projects of Falun Gong – Cleaning Up Internet is Next

We all know that the main driver of declining morality worldiwde today is the Internet and the smartphones making all people addicted to their screens and the rotten content most young people look at for many hours per day. It´s no wonder that young people have poor health and little energy given what they input into their minds. The big question is who will break this vicious circle online?


Today Falun Gong practitioners are doing exactly that so if anything is an indication of the importance of Falun Gong this is it. The video player and search engine that has been developed is called ‘Gan Jing World‘ – ‘Clean World’ translated from Chinese. Please spread the word far and wide because this web engine has major impact to improve things in the near future.

As for other righteous projects Falun Gong has a lot of them too including in culture and in exposing the evil CCP´s misdeeds in China and across the world. Below is a list of some of the most important proje

Performing Arts: Shen Yun Performing Arts has grown in 18 years from nothing to the first ranked and most dominant performing Arts company in the world. At this stage they perform all over the world with probably more than a thousand shows per year. There is a reason behind its success. Shen Yun showcases divinely inspired culture from ancient China with 5000 years of history as its foundation.

Media: Epoch Times Media Group – this is the biggest multinational media group in the world at this moment with 35 different national websites across the world. This doesn´t include NTD Television which broadcasts daily shows and news in Chinese and English. Epoch Times has been slandered by MSM for being a right wing conspiracy news outlet. We can safely assume that if that is the case there must be some truth to its news which scares the heck out of the MSM losing its viewership.

Video Channel: As mentioned above Gan Jing World (meaning “Clean World” in Chinese) has grown from nothing to a substantial video engine in little more than a year. Expect to hear more about this very soon!

Fine Arts: Art of Zhen Shan Ren is an art exhibition like no other. It presents paintings depicting the persecution of Falun Gong in China as well as paintings with motives of heavenly events and heavenly beings that the artists have experienced in their personal lives.

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting: DAFOH is the organization committed to exposing the CCP´s atrocious crimes of organ harvesting in China. This organization has collected millions of signatures to resist this kind of barbarian practice in China.

Three Quits (Tuidang in Chinese): This project has had enormous success and it has made it possible for more than 400 million Chinese people to take back their vows to the CCP that they made while growing up. That means quitting the three communist organizations in China which are the young pioneers, the youth league and the chinese communist party. When these Chinese people take back their vows which were forced on them as kids they can finally become free from the CCP.


The highly spiritual Falun Gong movement started as a simple form of Qi Gong in China in 1992 and quickly evolved its theory (Falun Gong book was first and later the main book called Zhuan Falun was published) and later spread to 100 million Chinese in only seven years. Falun Gong has astonishing healing abilities which attracted large crowds of Chinese people. As people started doing the exercises they realized that Falun Gong is so much more than only exercises. It´s a way of life (cultivation path) with the goal of reaching personal enlightenment without leaving the secular world. It has no political goals whatsoever but it recommends following traditional culture in order to be on the righteous path as a human being.