Lied der Linde

Lied der Linde – about the goodness




Lied der Linde is a prophecy with a peculiar history. It was found inside a thousand year old linden tree in Germany in 1850. The document holds many prophecies from ancient times until the end of times. Here we only focus on the parts relating to the end times.


Our conclusion: This prophecy points to the east as so many others do, the strong man will come to this world from the east and save the good people. The future world will be wonderful and there will only be one world religion.


“”Savior send us the One you have to send!”
Sounds it anxiously from the human breast.”

“Ruler from the East

Yes, from the east comes the strong hero,
Brings order to the confused world.
White flowers around the heart of the Lord,”

“Church unity under one Shepherd

All the churches united and united,”

Golden Kingdom of Peace

“Rich harvests I look every year,
Wise men a great multitude,

The righteous should not despair!”