Zoroaster – the founder of Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism – about the evil

Zoroastrianism´s prophecy has many interesting predictions about the end of times. Specifically Vendidad talks about the red dragon conceived by Angra Mainyu.


Aži Raoiδita – the ‘red dragon’ conceived by Angra Mainyu‘s to bring about the ‘daeva-induced winter’ that is the reaction to Ahura Mazda‘s creation of the Airyanem Vaejah

3. He Ohrmazd replied; “O Spitaman Zartosht! After the black token, the rule will come, from those of the seed of ‘Eshm,’ to the Shitaspan Karasyakian ‘drujs’ of the Salman districts;” [know that Mahvindat said that they would be the Arumans; and Roshan said that they would have red helmets, red weapons, and red banner; know that these will be their signs.]

Mah- vand-dad said that these people are Ruman (Arumayak), and Roshan said that they have red weapons, red banners, and red hats (kulah).

when the demon with disheveled hair of the race of Wrath comes into notice in the eastern quarter, first a black token becomes manifest, and Ushedar son of Zartosht is born on Lake Frazdan. (14) It is when he comes to his conference with, me, Ohrmazd, O Zartosht the Spitaman!’ that in the direction of Chinistan, it is said — some have said among the Hindus — ‘is born a prince (kai);