Druze religion

Al Hakim, the founder of Druze, around AD 1000



Druze – about the goodness

The Druze religion is a closed and esoteric religion founded about 1000 years ago in Egypt by Al Hakim, who is considerred having been God incarnated as a human by the Druze community. They believe in reincarnation and their scriptures are mostly secret and focus on seven precepts which is headed by the importance of truthfulness and veracity of the speech. They believe that the quality of one´s actions will decide the next reincarnation, whether it becomes as a human or an animal. Remarkably the Druze has been closed for any outsiders for 1000 years, and nobody can enter the Druze religion unless born into it. Today they number around one million worldwide, the vast majority of Druze followers live in the Middle East.

Our understanding: The Druze religion can be considerred a rarity among the religions of today since it is very traditional, orthodox and closed to outside interference. Their prophecies about the end times are very exact and can easily be compared with China today – their prophecy match very well with Falun Dafa being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party in China and then spreading across the whole world, and its Master is called Li Hongzhi. Is the secret Druze community in China mentioned below those Falun Dafa practitioners who reincarnated from the Druze community to China during the end of times? Since there is no Druze community in China those people would follow the teachings of Falun Dafa today.

Druze religion prophecies

When al-Hakim returns, all faithful Druze will join him in his march from China and on to conquer the world(Wikipedia ) “El Hakem would re-appear, leading an army from their Holy Land in China, to which the good Druze was carried by angels when he died.”(Claude Conder) End times prophecy: When persecution of the Druze reaches its peak, al-Hakim will return along with Hamza and al-Muqtana, who disappeared in 1033 A.D. al-Hakim will conquer the world, and the secret Druze community allegedly in China today will rejoin those in Syria. They will conquer Mecca, then Jerusalem, and all of the world will accept the Druze faith. (http://www.muslimhope.com/Druze.htm)

“Those souls who have reached a sufficient stage of purification are reborn into chinese druzes. It is not clear whether that can occur before the return of Al-Hakim; but at any rate when he does return all faithful Druze will follow him in that triumphal march from China during which he will conquer the whole world and make the Druze religion to prevail over all others.” (Karma and Rebirth: A Cross Cultural Study – p.314)