HC Andersen – King of Fairy Tales and King of Prophecies

HC Andersen was born in Odense, Denmark in 1805. Perhaps he was a secret child of the Danish King as the rumor stated. In any case the city of Odense was a special place not least because it was the prime place where the Norse God Odin was worshiped by the local people.

HC Andersen wrote many, many stories and most people might know about his fairy tale “The Emperor without clothes”. In addition he wrote many travelogues such as his famous “Pictures of Sweden”.

I quote below from his story or prophecy called “The New Century´s Goddess”:

“The Chinese Wall will soon fall. The railways of Europe open old Asia’ s tightly sealed culture archives, and the opposing streams of human culture meet, mayhap with a thunderous crash. The oldsters of our days will tremble at that sound and hear in it a judgment, the fall of ancient gods, forgetting that times and peoples must pass from the earth, and only a tiny image, sealed in a word casket, remain of each, floating like a lotus flower on the stream of eternity, and telling us that all were flesh of our flesh, dressed in different attire. The Jewish image shines radiant from the Bible; the Greek from the Iliad and the Odyssey; and ours? Ask it of the coming Goddess, at judgment time, when the new heaven is lifted to light and sight at the judgment day.”

Just by reading this short passage we know that this man wasn´t an ordinary person in any way. HC Andersen wasn´t a simple writer of fairy tales. He was so much bigger. In fact, he wrote more than 400 stories, travelogues and fairy tales that are translated into English. Some of them are nothing else than esoteric stories and prophecies that will soon be deciphered as history catches up with his stories. There is one called “The Great Sea Serpent” which talks about the telegraph cables placed on the bottom of all oceans being a sort of great beast as foretold in the Bi2on ble.

Another shocking story of his is called ‘On Judgment Day’. Who would dare to write such a story about what will happen on judgment day? Only someone with great spiritual accomplishments would dare to say anything about that.

Expandourmind will commemorate HC Andersen with a few articles about his different stories. His most comprehensive story is a travelogue called “Pictures from Sweden” in 26 chapters. This is going to be our first analysis since Sweden is such a special place and the only country in the world with the name of “Eden” in its countryname. Everything happens for a reason we believe.