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Videos About The Global Communist Conspiracy

Video Episode 1 – The Mental And Social State Of The World(Youtube)

Video Episode 2 – 18/19th Century – How Communism Destroyed Our World

Video Episode 3 – New Perspective

Special Prophecies

Ragno Nero(Black Spider) Prophecies – Year By Year 2016-2030 – Gives Us Exact Information About What Will Happen During The Cataclysmic Years Of 2017-2030.

Knight Templar´s Prophecy from 1099 – Describes Our Modern World And Its Destructive Rulers And Culture

Mitar Tarabic Prophecy Shows The Way To The Future – Tarabic Describes How To Save Oneself At The End Of Times By Improving Character And Learn From Asia.

Articles About How To Become Healthy By Cultivating Our Heart And Mind

Falun Dafa Scientific Survey – 97% Recovery From Terminal Cancer

Miraculous Results In Chinese Health Survey From 1998


Articles About The Global Communist Conspiracy Against Mankind

Tibet – Hidden History Of Our Current World Rulers

KGB Agent Reveals Global Communist Warfare Strategy

Top Secret Judaism Exposed Part 1

Top Secret Judaism Exposed Part II

Top Secret Judaism Exposed Part III

Articles About The Evolution Theory And Its Question Marks

Evolution Theory Part 1 – A Marxist Fraud?

 (D)evolution Theory Part 2 – Man Becomes More Stupid Over Time?

Evolution Disproved By Ancient Civilizations? Part 3.


The Hidden History Of The Swastika