Zoroastrianism – about the goodness

Zoroastrianism was a pre christian religion which had a great geographic influence all the way from western China to Europe until around the 7th century AD. This religion is based on the fight between good and evil in this world and it has many prophecies about the end times. Below follow some of its obvious predictions.

“Persian Zoroastrians hoped that Sháh Bahrám Varjávand was to return from China, by way of India, with an army assembled by the Emperor of China, to recapture Persia.

In 1887, Browne wrote: “I found that the Dastur was also very full of a rare old book called the Jamasp-Name This book he described as containing a series of prophecies, amongst which was included the announcement of the return of Sháh Bahrám, the Zoroastrian Messiah, to re-establish ‘the Good Religion.’

This Sháh Bahrám is believed to be a descendant of Hurmuz the son of Yezdigird (the last Sasanian king), who fled from before the Arab invaders, with Peshutan and other fire-priests, to China; whence he will return to Fars by way of India in the fulness of time.”

“We sacrifice unto the wonderful kingly Glory, made by Mazda …. Who, driving the Druj before him, sought wide room for the holy religion; who, driving the Druj before him, made wide room for the holy religion; who made himself the arm and support of this law of Ahura, of this law of Zarathushtra; Who took her, standing bound, from the hands of the Hunus, and established her to sit in the middle [of the world], high ruling, never falling back, holy, nourished with plenty of cattle and pastures, blessed with plenty of cattle and pastures.”


Our conclusion: As in many other religions and prophecies China is mentioned and the savior of mankind coming from China to save the world´s people at the end of times and extinguish all evil and deceit from the modern world.