Nichiren – about the evil

Editor´s Note: Here we see the Buddhist Monk Master Nichiren describing that those beings from lower levels will reincarnate among human beings during this era, and they will persecute the practitioners of the true religion during the end of times. We have seen in China the most evil persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners since July 1999, as predicted by many prophets. It is estimated that at least 2 million(!!) practitioners have lost their lives due to live organ harvesting in China.


The sutra states, “Evil devils, the devils’ people, heavenly beings, dragons, yakshas, kumbhānda demons, and others will seize the advantage.”9 Another part of the sutra details these “others”: “Whether it be a yaksha, or a rākshasa, or a hungry spirit, or a putana, or a kritya, or a vetada, or a skanda, or an umaraka, or an apasmaraka, or a yaksha kritya, or a human kritya . . .”10 These passages explain that those who in previous lifetimes embraced the four flavors and three teachings, non-Buddhist teachings, or doctrines concerning the realms of human and heavenly beings appear in this life as devils, or heavenly or human beings who persecute the votary of the true and perfect teaching when they see or hear of him.