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Prophecies And Their Correlated World News At The End Of Times

Prophecies from all over the world, presented on an interactive map to help us see the all important hidden message in all prophecies.  We also present a News section where we will feed you the stunning connections between ancient prophecies and today´s world events. World events prove when the prophecies come true. We will apply prophecies on real world events here – something quite unique and interesting if we may say so.

 Everyone Wants Heaven – How Can Human Beings Make It?

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We send our warmest greetings to everyone who enters this homepage. We believe that most human beings are in this world for a deeper reason, and we want to help people reach a deeper understanding – beyond the ordinary work, commute and buying groceries kind of things. We talk about important matters on this website.

We do believe that we have good news – and some helpful information.

In Our Opinion Prophecies Predict Three Major Events At The End Of Times:

1. The arrival of the “True Way” will unite all old and upright religions. This “Way of Enlightenment” will be taught and spread by the “Son-of-Man” who will be born in China. He will have a human body and he will be filled with the spirit of God. His name will be “Li” according to many prophecies and religions.


2. The Antichrist will arrive and rule the whole world for a short time with his Marxist teachings during the End of Times. He will start the most evil persecution of the people who practice the “True Way”. The beast of the Antichrist is called the “Great Red Dragon” in the Bible and it represents the Chinese Communist Party. The first Beast will pass away and be replaced by the second Beast in 2017. He is called the False Prophet and he will found a new World Religion. The evil Chinese Communist dynasty is predestined to end in 2019, the shortest dynasty ever in Chinese history.


3. The Last Judgment will then take place and the true purpose of the Last Judgment is to separate good people from evil people according to many prophets. Crucial to all human beings is to be a good person and retain divine belief in spite of the deceptive attraction of atheism. In this way you will be able to walk into the future.

Jesus prophecies are central to understand today´s worldDaoism prophecies the Messiah to be called "Li Hong"Buddhism prophecies in the Kalachakra a battle of Good and Evil at the End of TimesNostradamus prophecies a major battle starting in July 1999.Swedenborg prophecies a Man coming from China to spread his divinely inspired teachings to the world.

Pictures of some true Prophets.  These men worked tremendously hard to warn modern people.

Quote from Kalevala text(ancient Finland):

“When the North will learn my teachings, Will recall my wisdom-sayings, Hungry for the true religion. Then will Suomi(Finland) need my coming.”


Summary of top prophecies

Daoist prophecy: Li Hong will arrive as the Messiah of the End Times. If you learn the ten sutras of his teachings you can cure all diseases in your body. According to Your heart´s wish You will be able to meet the perfect Lord who is to come.

Editor´s note: Is it a coincidenc that the founder of Falun Dafa is called Master Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa´s main book Zhuan Falun contains ten lectures?

Ge An: A sage called Li will be born and he will start to spread his teachings in Changchun, China. His disciples will be persecuted on July 20th.

Editor´s note: Is it a coincidence that Master Li Hongzhi started to spread Falun Dafa in Changchun and his disciples were persecuted on July 20th 1999?


Christian Bible: Elijah will arrive first(before Jesus) as a sage from the east and he will restore all things and spread his teachings to all nations. Jerusalem described at the End of Times is China and the Great Red Dragon in the Bible means the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). They put the “Mark of the Beast” on almost every Chinese kid when they have to swear allegiance to the CCP in school. Their evil CCP dynasty will last for 70 years until 2019 according to the Bible.

Editor´s note: Elijah is the Son-of-Man according to the Bible and his name has “Li” in it. “El-Li-Jah” means “God-Li-God”.


Emmanuel Swedenborg: Elijah is the Son-Of-Man and he arrives as an enlightened human being at the end of times and he will spread his teachings across the world. You can find his true teachings in China. His disciples will be persecuted by evil people. Falun is to the east. The purpose of the End-Of-Times is to separate good and evil people from each other by a test where people choose to do either good or bad. To be a good person you must do good actions. It is not enough to say that one believes in God or Jesus.

Editor´s note: Is it a coincidence that there has appeared a new spiritual way to enlightenment from China called Falun Dafa who has spread across the whole world?


Druze: “Al Hakkim”(who was the highest God incarnated according to their belief) will return(reincarnate a last time in the human world) and he will arrive from China at the End-Of-Times to conquer the whole world with an army of 2,5 million followers. He and his disciples will be persecuted but they will prevail.

Editor´s note: Many Falun Dafa practitioners have come out from China due to persecution and they are working very hard in the West to spread the news about Falun Dafa to the world.


Nostradamus: A great terror will strike the world in July 1999(in july 1999 the persecution of Falun Dafa started in China). The war will last 20 and 7 years indicating that the Chinese Communist Party will come to its end in 2019 as predicted in the Bible and elsewhere. Names of the great ruler that appears in Asia is ie “Selin” and “Libra” both containing the Chinese name “Li”.

Editor´s note: Is it a coincidence that the persecution of Falun Dafa started in July 1999? Edgar Cayce, Ge An and other prophets mark that month and/or year as the beginning of the great spiritual war. 


Norse mythology: Their End-Of-Times event is called Ragnarokkr and means “twilight of the Gods”, and it is the final battle between good and evil Gods. The old Universe will collapse and people on earth will become worse and worse and fight each other even inside the family. But there is hope since a new and great Universe will be born and there will be human survivors too. The girl who survives Ragnarokkr is called “Liv”(means protection) and the boy is called “Livtrase”(means swelling life).

Editor´s note: The name “Li” is central for salvation in their prophecy and the high seat of their highest God Odin is called “Lidskjalf”.


Edgar Cayce predicted that the so-called “Battle of Armageddon” described symbolically in the Bible would begin in 1999. Cayce foresaw that this “battle” will will be a spiritual struggle between the “higher forces of light” and “lower forces of darkness” Cayce told a group of people that eventually China would become “the cradle of Christianity, as applied in the lives of men.”

Editor´s note: Is it a coincidence that in 1999 the CCP started their evil persecution of Falun Gong in China? Falun Gong practitioners try to be good people and follow Truth-Compassion-Tolerance in their daily lives.

Falun legend: In Falun city, Sweden, there is an ancient legend which claims that when the copper mine is closed down in Falun the great treasure will arrive  from Falun. Remarkably, in 1992 when they closed down the copper mine in Falun city there was a new kind of Qi Gong appearing in China called Falun Gong. In a few years it spread very quickly and 100 million Chinese started to practice it.

Editor´s note: Today the word Falun is mostly associated with Falun Gong. Has the legend about the great treasure come true when Falun Gong was spread to the public?


Sibyl prophecy: “Of time seven decades shall thy fruitful land; And the wonders of thy temple all be waste. But there remains for thee a goodly end; And greatest glory, as the immortal God; Granted thee. But do thou wait and confide”

Editor´s note: China´s rich culture, divine belief and countless temples have all been ruined(at least spiritually) during the communist era. The communist party has even harvested organs from live Falun Dafa practitioners and the number  of victims is enormous. In 2019 their dynasty will end according to this prophecy and a new wonderful era will gradually be established.


What You Should Know From The Prophetic Perspective

1) Falun Dafa Qi Gong from China is a prophesied and unique cultivation method that lets people improve their mind and body by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance in their daily lives as well as exercising their bodies. It is for free, it has no membership and it includes teachings about deep principles of human life. Learn more about it here: Falun Dafa information

2) Falun Dafa is persecuted in China by the Chinese Communist Party who has a long history of doing great evil described in Epoch Times: Nine Commentaries on the history of the Chinese Communist Party. Please make sure that you understand what the Chinese Communist Party is about.

3) If you would like to help the Falun Dafa practitioners in China that are suffering greatly at this moment you are welcome to do so by signing the Organ Harvest petition to the UN  and informing friends and family about Falun Dafa and the persecution. It is our understanding that this is a very kindhearted thing to do and it shows that you are a good person.

4) Many prophecies warn people about following the degenerate behaviours of our modern society, it can create alot of bad karma. Specifically they encourage people to follow the moral standards of old times, such as the ten commandments of Christianity.

Conditions Of Belief In End Time Prophecies

  • The belief that everything which happens has a reason. Belief in cause and effect. Belief in destiny, that things are predestined and hence make genuine prophecies useful.
  • The belief that some people in history had unusual supernormal abilities which made it possible for them to see the future during meditation or stillness.
  • The belief that these times are special and that every human being is faced with a choice to do good or evil.

According to ancient prophecies this evil and chaotic world will soon pass and a new, wondrous world will arrive. We want to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. We believe that the events of the human world were planned a very long time ago and true prophets are believed to have the supernormal ability to see the future. Famous prophets are Nostradamus, John The Baptist, Swedenborg and many others. This is also very much in line with modern quantum physics and the “Many-Worlds-Theory”.

(Disclaimer: This homepage does in no way represent any official truth from any organization or religion. The editors take no responsibility for misspellings or the accuracy of every story. It is up to every reader to verify all facts.)