Endtimes scenario

On The Issue Of 400 Million Deaths in China

27 February, 2023 0

In January 2023 Epoch Times published an article in Chinese where Master Li Hongzhi made a few shocking statements. Master Li is the founder of Falun Gong with 100 million practitioners worldwide, a spiritual cultivation […]


Tarabic Prophecy About Modern World

30 January, 2023 0

Today we present the video version of Mitar Tarabic´s prophecy from the 19th century. His story involves the modern day obsession to screens and the internet as well as the rise of Falun Gong, the […]

Endtimes scenario

Jiang Zemin Dead – End of End Means New Age

4 December, 2022 0

Jiang Zemin, also called “Toad” died this Monday 96 years old. This is of utmost importance to the world since he was the main leader and instigator of the persecution of Falun Gong. Background Jiang […]

Science And Health

Edgar Cayce – How to Achieve Better Health

29 October, 2022 0

Edgar Cayce is the most famous and well respected American prophet. He did thousands of “readings” in trance where he predicted all kinds of world events. Less known is his wide range of knowledge about […]

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