Comtesse Bianca Beck-Rzikowsky

Comtesse Bianca Beck-Rzikowsky – about the goodness

Comtesse Bianca Beck-Rzikowsky prophesied the following in 1934 in the book »Sylvia, Trance und Gesichte«, by Dr. F. Liesche…

Our understanding of her prophecy: As many other prophets have said the Comtesse also predicted that the savior of the world will come from Asia. He will present a system of self improvement (cultivation method) for all the world´s people and this system will have a spinning swastika as its symbol(swastika and tilted swastika). In the Falun Dafa cultivation system there is a spinning swastika at the center of its Falun symbol.

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Prophecy below:


O , sacred mountains of Asia , on your summits a blazing torch , which was once the world conflagration, will ignite ! ” ” The country in which the Swastika is associated with the tilted swastika in one character , will take the lead in Europe … ” “You must understand : in the distant mountains of the East is the mysterious power . Spread inexorably to the whole earth , towering to the sky . Everything will collapse , which reminds us of the earlier times . How soon a new world will look into your eyes, a new conception of the world , new organizations and new laws . ”