Falun City – About Goodness…

 Falun City – The Legendary Copper Mine In The front

Falun is a famous city situated in Sweden. The city had Europe´s biggest copper mine in the 17th century and was the treasure chamber of Sweden as the Swedish empire was created during the 17th century. Falun´s name came from the Falu river running through the city. It was called the yellow and pale river in old times. Falun in Chinese means “Fa-Lun” – Law of the Universe but I guess very few locals know about that.

The local legend is unknown to most people outside Falun city, but nevertheless a remarkable story with a documented written history of at least 400 years, and an oral tradition of perhaps one thousand years. The legend states that the small treasure from Falun was the copper mine which brought many riches to the city for centuries. The big treasure had to be kept a secret throughout the ages and could not be harvested until the copper mine closed down in Falun city(the small treasure was used up).


In 1992 the famous copper mine in Falun city was closed down and the same year Falun Dafa was made public in China. Note the year – 1992 which has also been prophesied by the Mayan calendar as the year of the great shift. Today people all over the world associate the word Falun with Falun Dafa. One version of the legend called “Brorslotten” was written down by Nobel laureate Selma Lagerlof in her book: “Adventures Of Nils” in 1906.


Falun city has many other legends and the eastern side of the side is called the lovely side of the city where there are beautiful flowers and nice houses. The great prophet Swedenborg whose family farm is situated on the east side of Falun city also stated that “Falun is to the east”. The Falu river splits the city in the eastern and the western part. The western side of Falun is called the gruelling side of the city where the land is sterile and the old mine is situated. In 1666(666 is the number of the devil!) a terrible storm hit the west side of Falun City and the area around the mine was severely damaged.

Our understanding: The old legend from Falun city came true in 1992. In the legend it is said that a great treasure will come from Falun when the copper mine is closed in Falun city. In 1992 they closed the copper mine in Falun city and at the same time Falun Dafa was taught to the world. So there is  big reason why people should investigate Falun Dafa more closely and learn about its principles of “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance”.