Explaining Why Falun Gong Faces Challenges Inside and Outside China

After the recent news about Epoch Times CEO resigning and the CFO being prosecuted for money laundering it´s about time to discuss the deeper reasons behind these events.

First of all Falun Gong is the prime enemy of the CCP. That means that the CCP will do anything to eradicate Falun Gong, something they couldn´t succeed in doing after 25 years of constant persecution both inside China and outside China (in other forms). The trend is in fact that the CCP will collapse very soon.

If you read the MSN you will notice that there is almost always negative reports about Falun Gong and various projects affiliated with Falun Gong practitioners such as Shen Yun and Epoch Times.

Why is Falun Gong persecuted and slandered everywhere? After all it recommends Truth – Compassion Forbearance and traditional culture and it has no fees or membership and definitely brings its practitioners many health benefits. Otherwise nobody would spend so much time practicing Falun Gong. Why doesn´t the MSM support it outside China? As mentioned before the evil CCP controls the western governments behind the scenes and that is why almost everything today is produced in China despite its government being a wicked communist dictatorship. As a consequence the MSM is also controlled by the evil CCP and it dares not oppose it and instead secretly supports it.

The second reason is that the evil CCP is scared to death of losing control over the world and hence any perceived enemy will be persecuted. Since Falun Gong is a spiritual practice it means it holds real potential to change the world by changing people´s character for the better and that is something the CCP doesn´t want since it´s controlled by evil spiritual powers. If people regain their spiritual belief in Gods the Devil won´t be that popular or powerful anymore.

The third reason is that Falun Gong makes people stronger. If you want to enslave people you need to keep the slaves weak.

Why Has the Epoch Times Managers Been Involved in Shady Business Dealings?

If Falun Gong is so good, why have the big bosses at Epoch Times (probably) been involved in shady financial operations?

First of all we need to mention that anyone can call himself a Falun Gong practitioner. That doesn´t automatically turn him into a saint. How many Christians are acting like real Christians? Falun Gong can be viewed as a religion even though we don´t share the forms of other religions. In every religion there are people who make trouble for that religion by behaving in bad ways. It´s the same everywhere.

Secondly there are many CCP spies hiding among Falun Gong practitioners and it´s an absolute truth. Who are destined to be a spy? Is it the old lady meditating all day in the park and outside the Chinese consulate? No it´s not the diligent Lady that is a spy. Spies are always recruited to gain power and influence in order to undermine the organisation from within. As Lenin said 100 years ago: ‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ How many spies did the CCP send into Falun Gong to become “big bosses” inside Falun Gong? What would they do to discredit Falun Gong? I think everyone can think about how this game works.

Look at Christianity for a moment. The high priests such as bishops, why aren´t they protesting when the ten commandments are broken openly by its members and the “Christian” governments? Why aren´t the Priests defending the laws of the Bible?

When some big Falun Gong project such as Epoch Times runs into trouble due to its managers going wrong, please remember what has happened to all other religions. It´s not the problem of orthodox scriptures or the average practitioner but it´s a problem of people´s moral standard and the objectives some people have when they look for power and money while claiming to be spiritual practitioners.


We can never equal a person´s quality with the quality of a spiritual practice. People are different and there are good people and there are bad people. It´s the same everywhere in the world although there are local differences in the manifestation of the phenomena due to cultural differences. People who actively look for fame and gain might not always be the best people. We are not judging anyone in Epoch Times but we can definitely see that there are some people who have a lot to explain. Those people´s actions have nothing to do with the scriptures of Falun Gong. It´s just that their actions are not in line with the teachings of Falun Gong.