Nichiren – about the goodness

Nichiren was a Japanese Buddhist monk living during the 13th century …

Our conclusion: Nichiren predicted and summarized the future events like the arrival of the true man to this world. He predicted where(between Tang dynasty territory and Japan) he would first spread his teachings and also how the True Man and his followers would have to suffer persecution.

“Speaking of the age, [the propagation of the true teaching will begin] in the age when the Middle Day of the Law ends and the Latter Day opens. Regarding the land, it will begin in a land to the east of T’ang and to the west of Katsu. As for the people, it will spread among people stained by the five impurities who live in a time of conflict. The sutra says, ‘Since hatred and jealousy toward this sutra abound even when the Thus Come One is in the world, how much more will this be so after his passing?’ There is good reason for this statement.”

The sutra states, “Devils, people under their influence, spirits of the heavens and seas, sinister demons called Yasha, demons which drain human vitality and others will seize the advantage.” Another portion of the sutra details these “others”: “Yasha, nimble demons, hungry demons, demons of filth, vengeful demons, red, orange, black, and blue demons, and so on.” These passages explain that those who in previous lifetimes embraced the four tastes or the three teachings, Brahmanism, or the doctrines of Humanity and Heaven appear in this life as devils, spirits or human beings who persecute the votary of the true and perfect teaching when they see or hear of him.

Our conclusion: The above stated fits in very well with Falun Dafa being spread in Changchun, north east China which is east of Tang territory and west of Katsu(Japan). Many practitioners in China have been persecuted just like Nichiren predicted.