Lao Zi – the founder of Daoism


Daoism – About The Goodness

Daoism has existed in China for thousands of years and Lao Zi is commonly considerred as its founder. He lived about 2500 years ago in China. This elite religion has the monk Master choose his own disciples and they usually emphasize tough physical exercises for its monks and in many cases include Kung Fu as part of their school´s system.

In Daoism they have prophesied the arrival of a certain “Li Hong” as the Messiah which will save the chosen people in this world at the end of times. He is regarded as the ideal ruler of the heaven and earth and he will rectify these at the end of this world cycle(source: Wikipedia).

“The Tao says: If you receive the ten chapters of this sutra… the ten thousand diseases will vanish by themselves… According to your heart´s wishes you will also be able to see the Perfect Lord who is to come. Li Hong.” (Source: Anna Seidel)

Our understanding: Daoism is based on being truthful and Daoist prophecy certainly became the most exact among religions when they prophesied “Li Hong” to arrive at the end of times as the Messiah of the world. In Falun Dafa the Master is called Li Hongzhi and he started to spread his cultivation method(self improvement method) in 1992 in China, and attracted 100 million followers in only seven years. His cultivation(cultivation can be understood as how to improve one´s own character) method is called Falun Dafa and it is based on Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, the true characteristics of the Universe as it is explained in Falun Dafa.

Remarkably the main teachings of Falun Dafa contains ten chapters in a book called Zhuan Falun, which is online to download for free here: Zhuan Falun