Interesting info

Here we share some interesting information which may spur the reader to learn more truths about spiritual matters which have been buried or distorted in modern society.


1, The Swastika symbol has nothing to do with Nazism. It actually has a 12 000 year old history and was abused by the Nazis during the war. Historically it meant positive things like “Good luck” etc. Read more here: The symbol of the swastika


The Falun symbol combines both the spinning swastikas from the Buddha school and the spinning tai-chis from the Dao school.


2. After having studied countless ancient prophecies we see alot of resemblance between them. Most of them describe the world of the end times as a time of universal chaos on earth and they specifically describe the modern phenomena of atheism, materialism, modern technology, sexual liberty, conflicts between people and inside the families. Vice will overtake virtue as the rule of this world. Some prophecies also point out the year 1999 as the start of the battle between good and evil. Most prophecies describe the end of this world as we know it between 2012-2026. They all point to a wondrous future for the survivors of the end times.

3. China historically has been appointed “Center of the Earth” and we think that what is happening today in China has been arranged for thousands of years.

4. Shambhala is the mythical place mentioned in many Asian prophecies where all human beings can find their perfect home. The book where Shambhala first was mentioned is called “ZhangZhung” or “Shangshun” and it was a kingdom in Tib et about 1500 years ago. Remarkably, Falun Dafa was first spread in the city of Changchun in China in 1992.