Knight Templar´s prophecy from 1099

Knight Templar´s prophecy

Jean de Vezelay

Jean de Vézelay – a Knights Templar


The prophecy of John of Jerusalem from 1099 is a contested prophecy and the holders of the seven original manuscripts have not released them to the public. The first translation came out in 1994 in French and German versions. My personal opinion is that this prophecy has deep wisdom and knowledge and it is a true prophecy. If we think from the perspective of the hidden rulers of our society, would they like to verify and confirm this prophecy? Probably not.

 John of Jerusalem (or Jean de Vézelay) was one of the eight founders of the Knights Templar. Below a summary of the prophecy.

The Great Spiritual Civilization in Year 3000

The second part of the prophecy predicts a new era full of hope, called: “When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full”, which means around year 3000. People are no longer locked up in their minds or in their cities. The whole world will speak one single language. Mankind will form a great single body. Everybody is one single part of the great body. Together they form a heart.

The prophet makes it clear that mankind will learn a profound lesson from this modern era and in the future mankind will have true wisdom and true spiritual beliefs which will make him infinitely more happy. Everyone will help others and open their hearts to others since that is the only way to maintain human civilization. People will know that reincarnation is true and they won´t fear human death anymore. Many people will have supernormal powers such as telepathy and levitation. Health issues will be cured before they become serious. They know the future and act accordingly.

Finally the great human being will be born and he will know the spirit of all things. The happy days will start and he will feel like a knight of the human order.

A warning to people living around year 2000

The first part of the prophecy is a grim prediction for our era around year 2000, called by the prophet: “When Thousand Years will begin after The Thousand Years”.

He predicts with a stunning accuracy our current depraved era. He talks about atheism, the collapse of the family and marriage, the secret societies and the hidden rulers deceiving the masses, greed, selfishness, pride, all kinds of depraved sexual desires, modern technology etc. He explicitly warns people of the modern atheist culture and the depraved moral values. He also says that modern people will be passive weaklings who close their eyes when a woman is raped. The hidden rulers of mankind will be corrupted people in black secret societies and hatred is their ideology while poison is their weapon. He talks about communism which is preached around the whole world today, overtly or covertly through cultural marxism. It infects people and transforms their minds slowly into selfish minds without family values or divine faith.

People will not do anything good and they will be pitted against eachother as sheep by their corrupt rulers. People believe they are free but they are true slaves. Migration and mixing of people will take place, people become atheists and their families collapse. Fear will be in every heart like poison.  Those who preach spiritual values will be ignored. The modern gadgets will deceive people´s senses and make them create false fantasies. His head is heavy from knowledge but he has no clue why he lives or dies. He will be full of anger and complaints. Migrants will invade rich countries and finally attack them. Man thinks he is like God, his pride is his folly. There will be saviours preaching truth but people will not listen to those words because people´s minds are full of fantasies and they always want more.

The prophet also talks about the children of our time who are suffering from the current lack of moral and spiritual teachings. People´s souls will be like dwarfs.



Full prophecy translated from French into English below.


“Protocol secret prophecies”
(John of Jerusalem – 1099)


I see and I know.

My eyes find in heaven what will be and I pass the time in one step.
A hand guides me towards what you can´t see or know.

Thousand years will have passed and Jerusalem will not be the Crusader town of Christ. The sand has buried the walls of our castles, our armor and our bones. It has stifled our voices and our prayers.

The Christian pilgrims from far right where they were and their faith, dare only approach the tomb and relics escorted by Jewish knight who here (…) have their kingdom and their Temple. (1)

The infidels will be an immense crowd that will spread everywhere
and their faith will resonate like a drum across the Earth. (2)

I see the immense earth.

Continents that Heroditus only saw in his dreams will be added beyond the great forests mentioned by Tacitus, and far away at the endless seas beginning after the Pillars of Hercules. (3)

Thousand years have passed since the time we live and fiefdoms will have gathered around in great kingdoms and vast empires.

Wars as numerous as the mesh of the coat worn by the Knights will have passed, defeating the kingdoms and empires, and creating others. (4)

Slaves, the peasants and the poor without fire, have rebelled a thousand times, burning crops, castles and cities, until they are skinned alive and that forced the survivors to return to their dens.

They are believed to be Kings. (5)

Thousand years have passed and the man has won the seabed and the heavens
and he will be like a star in the firmament.

He has acquired the power of the sun and will take it for God
Building on the immense earth a thousand towers of Babel. (6)

He has built walls on the ruins of those which had elevated the high emperors of Rome, and they will separate again from the legions and barbarian tribes.

Beyond the great forests will be an Empire.
When the walls collapse the Empire will no longer be a muddy water(Editor: China?). The people will once again mix. (7)

Then starts the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years.

I see and I know how it will be.
I am the scribe.

When Thousand Years comes after the Thousand Years the man will be in front of the mouth of a shadow of a dark labyrinth.
And I see the end of that night in which he will sink into the red eyes of the Minotaur(Editor: Minotaur is a legendary beast).

Beware of his cruel fury, you that shall live at the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years.

Editor´s notes

(1) Vision of the State of Israel

(2) The ideology of Marxism spreads everywhere around the globe.

(3) Announcement of discovery of the Americas (located after the “Pillars of Hercules”, the name given to the Strait of Gibraltar in ancient times)

(4) Fall of kingdoms and empires of Europe, the advent of American Empire and the European Union …

(5) Hidden rulers in the democratic era ?

(6) The all-powerful technology, travel space vehicles, control of nuclear energy, and expansion of cities (the “towers of Babel”)

(7) Collapse of China and its great wall?

When Thousand Years will begin after The Thousand Years(year 2000) …

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
Gold will be in the Blood
The one who will watch the stars will count the money
Who will enter the Temple will meet merchants
Sovereigns will become changers and bankers
The Sword will defend the Snake

But the fire will spread
Each city will be like Sodom and Gomorrah
Grandchildren will be the enthusiastic group
They will raise the old flags

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
Man has populated the Heavens and the Earth and its Creatures of the Sea
He will command
He wants the powers of God
He will know no limits

But every thing will turn around
He will stagger like a drunken king
He will gallop like a blind knight
And it will push the spur of his horse into the forest
At the end of the road will be the abyss

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
Will rise  Towers of Babel everywhere on Earth
This will be Rome and this will be Byzantium
The fields will empty
There will only be the Law of selfishness and his supporters

But the barbarians are in the city
There will be no bread for all
And the games will no longer suffice
So the people without a future
will kindle big fires

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
Hunger squeeze the belly of many men
And the cold blue of both hands
Let them want to see another world
And the merchants of dreams who will offer the poison

But it will destroy the bodies and will rot the souls
Those who have mixed the poison in their blood
Will be as wild beasts in a trap
And kill and steal and rape and extort
And life becomes a daily Apocalypse

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
Everyone will try to enjoy everything he can
The man divorces his wife, many times he will marry
And the woman will go through the paths lost (hollow) taking that which pleases Him
Children are born without giving the name of the Father

But no teacher guides the child
And every person only wants
The tradition will be lost
The law will be forgotten
As if an announcement had been made and man will become a beast

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
The father takes his pleasure with his daughter
The man with man and the woman with woman
The old man with the prepubertal child
And it will be for everyone to see

But the blood will become impure
The evil will spread from bed to bed
The body will welcome all the decay of the earth
Faces will be chewn into fleshless people
Love will be a big threat to those who know each other only by the flesh

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
He who will speak on Oath and Law
Will not be listened to
He who preaches the faith of Christ
Will lose his voice in the wilderness

But the mighty flood of the infidel religions will spread everywhere
False Messiahs gather blind men
And the unfaithful army will be as it never was before
He will speak on law and justice and his faith will be hot and sharp
He will avenge the Crusade

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
The report of the death toll will be spread as a cloud on earth
The barbarians will be mingled with soldiers of the last legions
The infidels will live in the heart of the Holy Cities
Everyone will turn barbaric, infidel and savage

There will be no order or rule
Hatred will spread like a flame in the dry forest
The barbarians will massacre the soldiers
The infidels will slay the believers
The savagery will come from each and everyone and the cities will perish

When Thousand Years will begin after the Thousand Years
The men will judge themselves according to their blood and their faith
No one will listen to the suffering hearts of the children
We look at them as chickens
And nobody will protect them from the iron hand

Hatred will flood the land who thought that they were pacified
And nobody is spared neither the old nor the wounded
The houses will be destroyed or stolen
Some take the place of others
Everyone close their eyes to avoid seeing women raped

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Everyone will know what is in all places of the earth
We will see the child whose bones pierce the skin
And one whose bones are covered with flies
And he is persecuted like a rat

But the man who sees will turn away his head
Because he only cares about himself
He will give a handful of grains as alms
So he sleeps on filled bags
And what he gives with one hand he will take from the other

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Man will not do any good
Everything has its price
The tree and water and the animal
Nobody will really give everything and it will be sold

But then the man will be more than flesh weight
We barter her body like a piece of meat
We take his eye and his heart
Nothing will be sacred, neither his life nor his soul
We will play his body and blood as a carrion carving

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The man has changed the face of the earth
He wants to be the Master and Sovereign of forests and herds
He has dug the ground and sky
And traced its path in the rivers and seas

But the earth is bare and sterile
The air becomes hot and the water will be foul
Life fades for man and depletes the world’s wealth
And man will be alone like a wolf
To hate himself


When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The child will also be sold
Some will use him as a movable target
To enjoy the new skin
Others treat as a pet slave

We forget the weakness of the sacred child
And mystery
He is like a foal that stands
Like a lamb that is bleeding to death
And the man will be nothing more than a barbarian


When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Men have the look and spirit of prisoners
They are drunk and ignorant
They believe pictures and reflections are the truth of the world
They will do with him the same as they would to sheep

Then the cannibals will arrive
Predators flock to better guide them toward the abyss
And pit them against each other
They skin them to take their wool and skin
And the man will be stripped of his soul if he survives

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The rulers won´t have (divine) belief
They will order the passive and innocent people to the crowds
They hide their faces and keep their names secret
And their strong castles will be lost in the woods

But they will decide the fate of everyone and everything
Nobody will participate in meetings of their order
Everyone will be a true slave and still believes he is a free Knight
Only those cities will rise up who are wild and sometimes heretical
But they will first conquered and burned alive first

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
There will be so many people on earth
They look like an anthill where the rod is pushed on top
They swarm and death will crush their heels
Like panicked insects

Large movements will push them from one country to another
The brown skins will mix with the white skins
They change their Christian faith to that of the Infidels
Some preach the difficult peace
But everywhere will be war between hostile tribes

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The men will annoy all the pregnant women
The mother will have the gray hair of an old woman
The path of nature will be abandoned
And families are like separate grains that nothing can unite

This will be a different world
Everyone will wander without bonds like a runaway horse
Going in all directions without a guide
Woe to the knight who rides this horse
He will have no clamp and he will fall into the ditch

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The men will not rely on God’s law anymore
But want to guide their lives by themselves as a climb
They will want to choose their children in the womb of their women
And kill those children that they don´t like

But who is the man to dare to take himself as God
The mighty will seize the best lands and the most beautiful women
The poor and the weak will be cattle
Each hut will be maintained
Fear is in every heart like poison

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
A black and secret order has arisen
His law is his hatred and his weapon is poison
He always wants more gold and wants to expand his reign over all the earth
And his servants will be bound together by a kiss of blood

Upright and weak men will suffer under his rule
The powerful men will offer their services
The only law that will rule is the law of the shadow
They will sell the poison in the churches
And the world will march with this scorpion on his heel

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Many men will sit idly with arms crossed
Or go around without knowing where with empty eyes
Because they won´t know where to create metal
And cultivate more fields

They are like a seed that can not take root
Like straying and needy people, humiliated and desperate
The youngest and oldest men often without bonds
They will have trouble for saying hallo
And first of all they will fight themselves and they hate their lives

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Diseases of the water of heaven and earth
Will hit man and threaten him
He wants to revive what he has destroyed and protect what remains
He will be afraid of the coming days

But it will be too late
The desert will eat the earth and rain will be more and more abundant
It will fall on certain days, taking everything as a flood
And she will not fall the next day
The air will gnaw on the weakest bodies

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Earthquakes in many places and cities will collapse
Everything will be built without listening to the wise men
Will be threatened and destroyed
Mud will submerge the villages and the grooudn will open up under the palaces

The man persist because his pride is his folly
He will not hear the repeated warning from the earth
But the fire will destroy the new Rome
And in the rubble accumulated
The poor and the barbarians will plunder the wealth despite the legion, wealth will be abandoned

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The sun will burn the earth
The Air will not be the veil that protects from fire
It will only be a torn curtain
And the burning light will gnaw on the skin and eyes

The sea will rise as a boiling water
Cities and shores are buried
And whole continents vanish
The men will take refuge on the heights
And they will rebuild already forgetting what happened

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
People are prepared to create fantasies
The senses will be deceived and they believe they touch something non-existent
They follow paths that only the eyes can see
And so the dream comes alive

But man will not know how to differentiate the real thing from the non-existent
They get lost in fake labyrinths
Those who feed their fantasies
Will play the naive man and deceives others
And many men become rampant dogs

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The animals that Noah had on board his ark
Will no longer be in the hands of Man
Only beasts will be transformed according to his will
And who will care about their living suffering?

The man has made of each species what he wanted
And he will have destroyed countless
What will become of the man who has changed the laws of life
Which has made the living animal a lump of clay
Will he be the equal of God´s child or the Devil’s child?

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
We must worry for the man´s child
The poison and despair watching him
He only desired him for himself and not for the child´s benefit or for the world
The child will be hunted for fun and sometimes we will sell his body

But even him that will be protected by his own
Will be threatened by a dead spirit
He will live in the game and the fantasy
Which will guide him since he will have no Master anymore
No one has taught him to have hope and to take action

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
The man will believe that he is God but he will be nothing more than at birth
He will always attack others defeated by his anger and jealousy
But his arm will be armed with the power that will seize him
A blinded Prometheus will be able to destroy everything around him

His soul will remain a dwarf and he will have the strength of a giant
He will take a huge stride but he will ignore which path to take
His head is heavy from knowledge
But he will not know why he lives and why he dies
He will always be like the fool who gesticulates or the child who complains

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Whole countries will fall prey to war
Beyond the Roman Limes and even on the former territory of the Empire
The men from the same city slay each other
Here is the war between tribes and there it is between believers

The Jews and the children of Allah will not cease to oppose eachother
And the land of Christ will be their battleground
But the infidels everywhere will want to defend the purity of their faith
And there will only be doubt and power facing them
Then death will advance everywhere as the standard of the new times

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Many men will be excluded from a human life
They won´t have rights, roof over their heads or bread
They are naked and only have their bodies to sell
They are placed far from the prosperous towers of Babel

They will swarm like remorse and a threat
They occupy whole countries and breed quickly
They will listen to the lectures of vengeance
And they will launch an attack on the proud towers
The times of the barbarian invasions have returned

When Thousand Years begin after the Thousand Years
Man enters into the confusing labyrinth
He will be afraid and he will close his eyes because he can not see
He will challenge everything and he will fear each step he takes
But he will be pushed forward because no stop will be permitted

Cassandra’s voice is still high and loud
He will not listen to her
Because he will always want more and his head will be lost in his fantasies
Those who are his Masters will deceive him
And there will only be bad shepherds

When the Thousand Years which come after the Thousand Years are full(year 3000)

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
Men have finally opened their eyes
They are no longer locked up in their heads or in their cities
They can see and listen to eachother from different parts of the world
They’ll know that what strikes one person injures another

The men form a single great body
Each person is a tiny fraction of the great body
And they will together constitute the heart
And finally there will be a language spoken by all people
And finally the great human being will be born

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
Man has conquered the heavens
He will create stars in the big dark blue sea
And he will navigate on this brilliant ship
New Odyssey a partner of the Sun for the heavenly Odyssey

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
The men will be able to go under the waters
Their bodies will be new and they will be like fish
And some will fly high above the birds
As if the stone did not fall down

They communicate with each other
Because their spirit will be so wide open that he can collect all messages
And the dreams will be shared
And they will live as long as the oldest men
I am talking about the Holy Books

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
The man will know the spirit of all things
The stone or the water body of the animal or the gaze of the others
He will have unlocked the secrets of the ancient gods
And he will push door after door in the labyrinth of the new life

He will create with power and the flow from one source
He will teach his knowledge to the multitude of men
And the children will know the earth and the sky more than anyone before them
And the man’s body will be enlarged and clever
And his spirit will have enveloped all things and will own them

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
The man will not be the sole ruler since the woman will come to seize the scepter
She will be the great teacher of future times
And what she thinks she will impose on men
She is the Mother of the millenium which comes after the second millenium

She will spread the warm softness of the Mother after the days of the Devil
There will be beauty after the ugliness of the devil´s days
The millenium comes after the second millenium will become times of light
We love and we share
We will dream dreams and they will become reality

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
The man will experience a second birth
The Spirit will capture the crowd of men
Who will communicate in fraternity
And this will be the end of barbarian times

It’s time for a new vigour of the Faith
After the black days at the beginning of the third millenium
The happy days will start
The man will find the true way of man
And the earth will be in order

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
Routes will go from one end to another of the earth and from heaven to the other end
The dense forests will come back
And deserts have been irrigated
The water have returned to a pure state

The earth will be like a garden
Man will watch over every living thing
He will purify whatever he has stained
He feels the whole earth as his home
And he will be wise thinking about the coming days

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
Everyone will be like an orderred step
We know all of the world and our own body
We will treat the disease before it appears
Everyone will be healing oneself and others

It will be understood that we must help others to maintain
After times of closed doors and extreme greed
Man will open his heart and his purse to the poorest
He will feel like a knight of the human order
So this will be a new era that begins

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
Man has learned to give and share
The bitter days of solitude will be buried
He will believe again in the Spirit
And the barbarians will have acquired citizenship

But that will come after the wars and the fires
This will arise from the black rubble of the towers of Babel
And one must have had an iron grip
To make order from chaos
And ensure that man finds the right path

When the Thousand Years which comes after the Thousand Years are full
The man knows that all living beings are bearers of light
And that they are creatures to be respected
He  will have constructed and built new cities
In heaven on earth and on the sea

He will have the memory of what happened
And he will be wise and read about the future
He will no longer have fear of his own death
For he will have lived several livetimes in his life
And he knows that the Light will never be extinguished