The hidden history of the swastika and the Nazis

Ever since the end of the second world war there has been aversion towards the swastika symbol because the Nazis used it as their symbol. However, few people know that the swastika has nothing to do with the Nazis.

Hard to believe but true, the swastika has a history of at least 3 000 years and have been found in many places across the whole world, including China, India, Europe, America etc. It was even used in churches in old times and was regarded as a symbol of good luck. There are many Buddha statues with Swastikas on them since the time of Buddha Shakyamuni 2 500 years ago. Now it´s time to restore the truth about the Swastika so we added information about it here with some real life pictures to prove our point.,_Taiwan.jpg

From top to bottom L-R we can see a Chinese painting, a Buddha statue, the Oseberg statue on a Norwegian viking ship, to the right an American sports team with swastika symbols, Coca Cola promotion with Swastika, a drawing linking the swastika with good luck and love. At the bottom the Falun emblem used in Falun Dafa Qi Gong including five spinning swastikas and four spinning tai-chis.
In the future you can help your friends and family by educating them about the true history of the swastika.