Ragno Bosco


The orphan land back to blossom in the time of harvest.
It will be a woman, who come from the North, to bring a new life. And its clusters are so large as to bend the mother.
She will build his house in the vineyard. And here it will keep the grapes, which ripen in a few moons.
The woman will dictate the law. And the law will give a good seed.
She will retain the crop. And the harvest will double.
Blood on the beach roses.
Here the earth-shaking frequently and destroy the work of several generations.
The sea takes back his things.
And time shooting his scepters.
The men will lay siege to camel Magera. And Mohammed will put the sword in its sheath.
Not the flowers will bloom in time of flowers ..
Not smell good in the time of lilies lilies.
Pilate supervises St. Joan and the men return to their homes.
But there are gray wolves that haunt the valley between the two rivers. Here the new Charles will put his tent and from this point will start new crusades, but they will not have to aim the Holy Sepulchre.
The ear has lost its venom, but also the rose has lost its scent.
A sign will be from the east, where there are the Magi who are waiting for good news. The church doors open. Prisoners revise sunlight.
Descends on the land of kings Thari a shower of blessings.
The throne of mercy with the keys will be thrown into the sea. And everything will be done again.


2015 – Blood from the sky
From the sky will fall three drops of blood. The first fall in the land of lilies, and all the flowers remain dry.
The second will fall on the ground silver, and all living beings suffer.
The third will fall on the earth, and its seas will become sterile.
Then there are the snakes that crawl on these lands, leaving a deep groove.
The hand that has guided the ox will throw into the fire the crown. They will be thrown into the fire men blacks that have clouded the vision of the great God.

The man is becoming an adult. The man returns to talk with his only Master, who dwells in heaven.

Many churches will be transformed. Many churches will be destroyed. Many churches will be open to all men of good will, even if their language will be completely different.
God knows all languages. And God does not need interpreters. The major roads are plowed. And here it will be sown wheat.
Tower without peace, for too long I removed the peace.
On you we will close the times, suggellandoti ancient curse.
Return the twelve. And the greater will be the sign of the palm. But the clothes are different. And so the words.
There is no glory for the speaker of the earth suspended. The curse will suck the old tower. The curse will cast a shadow of grief on young people of the tower. This weed infected earth is extirpated mercilessly.

2016 – The grassland wolves and lambs

In the land where the grain produces two ears and where the swallow has fixed abode, you will see the wolf graze peacefully together with the lamb.
The wolf will bring back the sun sign.
The lamb will bring back the sign of the night.
The fourth moon grazing will be covered by water.
A mountain of ice marry the sun. And the time is changed.
The valley will become desert.
And the desert will become a green valley.
It is then that the wolf and the lamb will change sign.
Many people confuse.
And the last of the marbles bless Peter forest wolf, mistaking him for a lamb.
This is the time when man finally accomplish the useful things.
Sprout the ear where triumphed the plague.
Sprout the ear where the cicada singing.
Few men will demonstrate to know the law.
And the law will be put on a stick, topped by the head of a bull.
The stars will be changed.
It also will be changed because the stick instead of the head of the bull will be placed the head of the goat and then the horse.
Beware of ringed hand. Blessing, but his gesture is the curse.
Beware of this time last moons of bizarre, strange because it will change.
In the heart of the old land we speak the language of the catacombs. But few can be considered.
He will take advantage of this confusion a young man.
Many sowers remain speechless, with his arm raised, to see pass the new Caesar.


2017 – The cry of the forest
Listen to the voice that comes from the East!
Many will say that it is the voice of the river.
Many will say that it is the voice of the storm.
Many will say that is still the voice of the world that is crumbling.
And ‘this scream instead of the beast that dies.
Fall pierced by seven swords and remain buried under the rubble of his castle.
It will save only the throne surmounted by two heads.
The seven swords will be washed in the waters of the sheep. And everything will be purified.
In the heart of the land of Muhammad there will be a rebellion here because people will find the great hope.
The flower will still be cut.
And the blood will drop from seven hills.
Bells sound from the towers marked in black, while passing the air an eagle with its head cut off.
The man threw two grains of wheat in the furrow, but only one of them fathered an ear of corn.
The other became the father of a berry color of blood.
The warrior from the North raised his sword and broke the berry, from which he emerged a drop of milk, a drop of blood and a drop of honey.
But only the blood fell on the ground.
The winds that blow from the East have the law of a man wearing a cape and a shield on which is engraved an eagle with its head cut off.
And under the eagle they are written gibberish.

2018 – The great lights

Fall from the sky big lights to dispense happiness.
And men do not realize that happiness was that of fathers.
And men will understand that happiness has to house the simplicity.
Kill those who live nell’affanno.
Kill those who can not see beyond the money.
Kill those who live to accumulate wealth.
The Great Spirits say, you work with serenity, Nourish with wisdom, and devoted three hours a day to the care of the spirit.
The light will be marked in purple off the hands of Inoca.
And the blood will wet the stone of Rome.
Then there will be a procession of lights.

And many men will leave home and parents to meet God in the silence of the mountains.
So it will be for the man of the tree with the stars.
And the king’s son crippled. And for the young son of the leader.
Will collapse the bridge of hope to the first fog.
This is the time that will arise the first hospitals of the spirit.
And doctors will come from.
The men finally understand that all disease starts in the spirit of the flesh.
And there can be no disease of the flesh, if the spirit is healthy.
The spirit takes away the serene old age.
In the new Sodom many men go crazy and drag in the dust the only wise who have had the courage to speak.
But this town will come a great light.
Many remain dazzled and fall into ecstasy, while the spirit will reach the size of a happiness ever endured by man.

2019 – The family of the Evil

Belial recalls in his kingdom of darkness incarnations satanic, sent to earth to sow destruction.
This time you’ll see snakes, that the world appeared to be men of genius, as benefactors and participants in the progress.
Adramelech was a politician of great respect; and return to being an ox.
Amon was a priest of high rank; and return to being a wolf.
Haborim was a man of power; and it will return to be a snake.
Moloch was a lawyer; and it will return to a bull.
And then there will Alouga, Deber and all seventy-two dignitaries of Satan on earth that held political power or religious.
And ‘This is the time when you’ll discover that for a century in this part of the world has been led by the family of the Evil One.
Do not cry on a pile of coffins, because inside there are snakes that!
Do not cry over the river that has left the bank, because the water was to purify the land!
The man who aspires with lust in power is always a satanic incarnation, regardless of its ideas.
And ‘This is the worst weeds of the earth.
And Bermuda grass is also the set of ants always ready to clap to the strongest.

Let things of Satan return to Satan.

Late harvest time will come to the castle Hohenzollern men turtle.
And from this place will start the march.

2020 – The three columns of smoke

In the Land of Osiris there will be major changes. And so in the Land of Israel.
The Great Pharaoh will place the crown on the head of the wolf and the Eagles fall to the ground, without the head.
The crown will pass on Earth of Peter.
And here they arise, three columns of smoke, which will bring three numbers from one to eighteen and still one.
Among the light it shines on the rubble head of Saint Joan. Here come the man chosen.
But his task will be to close the door.
And the head will be taken to the city marked by the river, he turns to the throne of Peter.
Great excitement in the city of Lace, where you say new things and where the times surpass the times.
From the Land of the Sun will reach a new teaching.
Men of different color will be from sea to announce good news.
But woe to those who will not listen to these foreigners who return to their homeland.
Many masters, in this time, will become servants and many servants become masters.
For all there will be bread. The bread will be broken by the children and will be given to the fathers.
The plow will return to plow the land. And the man will drive the plow. And the horse will help man.
The man will live with the fruits of the earth. And many diseases disappear.
The men will understand that the knife a few times heals and kills many times.
The grass of the moon will be the sweet sister dejected man.
Wise is the man who knows how to recognize his mistakes.
And ‘This is the time in which are excluded those who never did wrong.