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Swedenborg – The Swedish Mystic Reveals The Heavenly Benefits Of A Good Marriage

Emanuel Swedenborg(1688-1772). A Swedish genius, scientist, mathematician, philosopher, sage, theologian and mystic who wrote works from 18 different sciences.

Emanuel Swedenborg was an unchallenged genius of his time that possessed extreme supernormal powers beyond what ordinary people can imagine. He could see exactly how the beings in heaven and hell lived and how their lives corresponded to our lives on earth. An important aspect of life on earth was the meaning of marriage. Why did human beings have to marry and how did marriage morals correspond to life in heaven? Swedenborg disclosed all of these secrets and although hard to swallow for many people he made perfect sense of everything he wrote.

The Divinely Inspired Marriage

Many people have probably wonderred many times about how to create a perfect marriage. Is it possible or is it merely an unattainable fantasy? If we take a look at Emanuel Swedenborg´s books from the 18th century he meant that this is possible but it demands two people who both understand which part they need to play in their relationship. The woman is responsible for love and the man is responsible for wisdom in their marriage. The woman needs to give love and the man needs to give his wisdom. As they communicate in this way they can increase both love and wisdom as they continually improve their relationship and learns to adjust to eachother´s needs. In the end they will become like one person and after death they continue to be married and their marriage can last forever in heaven. This concept is similar to the Yin-Yang concept in China where both sides are interdependent of the other side in order to improve.

The precondition is that the marriage can´t only be based on carnal lust as these couples will grow tired of each other and look for new pleasures outside of marriage.

There must be divine inspiration in marriage and it will finally lead to everlasting marital harmony and ever increasing potency according to Swedenborg. If spouses have divine faith and corresponding acts in their marriage man will become more and more potent and each time intercourse takes place both partners will be strengthened by it instead of dejected. In heaven the man has eternal potency to do it at any time he wishes to and the marriage will be strengthened each time they do it. In heaven love is heat and wisdom is light. So in heaven just like on our earth there is a Sun who gives heat and light and the combination of love and wisdom is what can balance the Universe.

There is a hitch for spouses though: If a man can´t rule his wife he will become impotent. This was a heavenly secret that was revealed by Swedenborg to mankind. The angels said that this is their weakness.

Swedenborg states in his first sentence of his book: “Divine love and wisdom”:  “LOVE IS THE LIFE OF MAN. Man knows that there is such a thing as love, but he does not know what love is.”

Swedenborg´s books became dynamite 270 years ago when they were published and he had to leave his native land of Sweden because of his controversial information regarding human life and divine faith in relationship to Christianity.

Swedenborg described that man creates his own heaven or hell on earth and he described how fantastic a marriage based on divine inspiration can be in his book “Marriage Love”:

“Those men who are in conjugial(marriage) love, are in such a state that they can enjoy intercourse with their wife as often as they please: the ability never fails, inasmuch as all parts of their body are in that love and, after intercourse, they are affected with joyfulness, and never with dejection, so that they are invigorated by it; but the contrary happens with those who are in adulteries. The husband’s love depends on the wife’s love; so far as she loves such things, so far does the husband. It is the reverse in love which is not conjugial. The reason is because the former are one, and are conjoined as to interiors: this is meant by their being not twain, but one flesh.”


Adultery Leads To Hell

The people who commit adultery are pulled down to hell and this phenomenon is also described in great detail by Swedenborg:

“Adultery is the union of the devil and those who are adulterers. It is the union of evil and falsity. Hell is adultery, and evil, also. There cannot be found any who say it is in themselves. The adulteration of the good of the Word, and the falsification of its truth, is adultery: many things about this. Adultery is opposed to creation.Adultery is the fundamental love of all evils. Adultery is the commingling of many lives(ie mistresses – editor´s remark) in one. Potency diminishes, and aversion takes place; it also becomes common, unaccompanied by any sensation, and, at last, there is aversion.”


Work Or Become A Beggar – A Heavenly Principle

Food in Heaven exists just like in the human world according to Swedenborg and in order to receive food in heaven one has to work: “Be it observed that everyone is provided with food according to the labors which he performs. He who has no employment, business and work, does not receive food, but begs. I have seen grandees thus begging, because they were unwilling to do any work; also, women of rank.”

A Society Where Women Rule Over Men Stink in Hell

Swedenborg also described what happens to couples where the woman rules over the man:

“Visitation was made upon certain societies of the Dutch, where are those of whom the wives ruled over their husbands. They were in the boundaries at that part, and there was a vile stench of vomit there; yea, they collected vessels full of vomit, and held the nostrils over them, and reveled in the stench. All those who were in the boundaries were cast down into hell; and some who were nearly like them, were gathered out of societies, and also cast down.”


Love Marriage – Go To Heaven


A few final words of wisdom from Swedenborg:


“The love of marriage opens heaven. The love of adultery closes heaven.”


This is something to consider seriously next time you meet your spouse:).. A good marriage is simply invaluable.


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