Fake Democracy – The Ultimate Psyop To Pacify The Masses….

Karl Marx – The unknown hero of the Wall Street super bankers


Most people who live in the west are proud of their democracy but in the last few years people have become a little bit confused. Why is the politics always the same no matter which president or party that we elect to power? What is the real reason? Which proof do we have of a fake democracy?

First off, private banks create debt money out of thin air and the Guardian reported it already in 2014. Since then people didn´t react on this monstrous information but I do believe that many people will regret if they stay passive much longer. What is happening is that the banks are stealing the whole world and enslaving all people under them as their debt slaves. But the mortgage debts are illusory and theft in the grandest scale on this earth.

Now you understand why no party ever touches this issue of life and death for every country. No matter if they are left or right – they won´t touch it because it can topple our fake democracy in case many people understand the truth.

Secondly, we urbanize all countries and kill all our farmers. How does that make sense? It doesn´t and it´s high treason against all people of all countries. A countyr which can´t feed itself is always in mortal danger. Did the people okay this or was it a coup of all the parties against the people to extort them in case of a big war? No country in the world history has ever existed without farmers and now many western countries have come to this stage.

Third, all governments have given up the right to print money and regulate interest rates to their central banks and the central banks are not a government institution and beyond the control of the governments. This is another case of giving up all power to private bankers who can first expand the economy by printing alot of money and lowering the interest rates. People will borrow money and business will boom. Later on they raise the interest rates and strangle the credit printing. At that moment all people and businesses go bankrupt.

The truth is that their never was any real democracy – only democracy inside the bankers system.