Getting Healthy Online for Free – Take Advantage of Lockdown and Remote Work….

The rulers of the human world have decided that the people of the world need to be vaccinated with multiple shots and stay at home as much as possible while using face masks in order not to spread the covid-19 virus or its mutations.  This is of course a huge change in lifestyle compared to the traditional lifestyle of human beings who were free and could breathe fresh air freely without any masks.


Jade PracticeHowever, all disadvantages inevitably bring advantages. For example, when you are allowed to work from home you don´t need to waste time on commuting back and forth to work and you will have more private time at home. What shall we do with the extra time on our hands? Well, some people have renovated their houses and improved their gardens since they need to spend more time at home and travel less frequently.


We have on this website for many years suggested that Falun Gong is a very good option to stay healthy and get a good moral compass in life because Falun Gong does have a very simple message of Truth – Compassion – Tolerance in daily life while a longterm foundation at the human level is traditional culture for each ethnic group or nation. Truth is something very important today when rumours and huge changes to human life are implemented above their heads without any discussion.


At this moment in time of chaos in the world it´s important to get one´s priorities right and also to keep calm and serene. To meditate, to do Falun Gong exercises and such things are really good to calm down and get some new energy.

Here is the official Falun Dafa homepage for learning the exercises:


There are probably many Facebook groups offering free Falun Gong exercises but here is one that I have found online: – you can join this Facebook group to exercise any day of the week that suits you. There are no fees but the exercises can help you obtain a better health. Almost every evening there are people on this group showing the Falun Gong exercises online and it´s all for free.

What is the usual excuse for not doing exercises? I can only turn to myself and I can tell you that for me it´s mainly two things stopping me: laziness and wasting time on useless things such as surfing my phone or computer.




Please try these exercises and chances are you won´t be disappointed.That is why 100 million Chinese started doing them in the 90s before the persecution started. The exercises actually worked very well to improve health and energy levels and that was exctly what the CCP didn´t like about it. Chinese people were not allowed to get better health and a worry free life.