Edgar Cayce – How to Achieve Better Health

Edgar Cayce is the most famous and well respected American prophet. He did thousands of “readings” in trance where he predicted all kinds of world events.

Less known is his wide range of knowledge about anything and everything including human health.

He prophecied all kinds of events such as the persecution of Falun Gong in China, the future technology of the world to come and the destruction of various parts in the world including parts of America, South America and Scandinavia. In addition he predicted that Russia would be the saviour of the western world – speaking about the current conflict between Nato and Russia which more resembles a cultural war.

Much less known is the fact that Cayce was a polymath skilled in just about any topic or science in this world – simply with wisdom out of this world while being extremely humble. A topic that bothers many people is the topic of good health and nutrition and Edgar Cayce has many useful advice concerning health that are very useful still today and can inspire many people and help them get a better life.

Some Simple Nutritional Advice From Edgar Cayce

Below follows a list of short but useful advice to deal with various problems of malnutrition.

  • Alkalize your body. This is a key to better health. The typical advice is to squeeze a lemon in water and drink a lot of water. Drink at least six glasses per day. Also eat alkaline food instead of acidic food.
  • Eat four vegetables from above ground for every one coming from underground.
  • Reduce weight by going on a 3 day “apple cure”.  Only eat apples whenever you feel hungry. Drink water. A little bit of black coffee without cream and milk is allowed.
  • Eat much vegetables. One meal per day should be vegetarian if possible.
  • Don’t eat pork. Avoid pork, focus on lamb, chickens and fish, especially seafood.
  • Never mix coffee with milk or cream. Better to drink it black.
  • Never eat when you are angry or very tired. Your mind will turn all food into something bad for your body.

Exercise and Other Advice for Good Health

  • Stretch like a cat every morning when waking up. This will prolong your life.
  • Take walks but not too soon after eating.
  • Massage your ears and eyes every day. For detailed instructions read his books.
  • Become a light in this dark world by doing good deeds and helping others. Love your Lord, your fellow man and yourself.
  • Have a positive mind and positive thoughts. With a positive mindset you can play a good role in the human world.


Edgar Cayce was a polymath with all kinds of good advice for human beings on how to live well. Simply applying a few of his excellent advices will benefit most people a great deal. Human beings are under constant pressure from all angles today, the physical and the mental realm plus the digital era which immobilizes most people in the west. The most important advice I believe is to be able to calm down once in a while and focus on developing ourselves spiritually by having a positive mindset and always trying to be in line with truth-compassion-tolerance in daily life.