Gan Jing World – A Clean Future World Online

As all people in the world know the internet is a mix of good and bad stuff mixed. On Youtube there is all kinds of bad stuff affecting our children badly today such as sex, violence, pornography and wickedness promoted on a huge scale and making people´s minds filthy. Modern people mostly look at videos because people don´t take time to read long articles and many people are impatient today.

Jiang Zemin, the Chinese tyrant, is dead and there is a new website called representing the future Internet cleansed of evil stuff bringing down people. Gan Jing World which means “A Clean World” is growing rapidly and has a very simple strategy. To let people see good things instead of bad things. That means sections from traditional culture like dance, music, arts, science, architecture, astronomy, etc but also autos, pets, food, sports, spirituality and news etc.

Please go ahead and register at, it´s free and it will probably help you to learn many new things as the content is very rich and growing very fast day by day.