Israel´s Prophecies Come True In 2017?.. 2017-01-22…

Since modern Judaism is at the center of power in western society as we have shown in previous articles we will have a special focus in 2017 to observe the changes in Israel and judaism. The Jewish faith have jubilees, each one is 50 years long and according to the great jewish prophet, Rabbi Ben Judah, the beginning of the Messianic age was in 1967 and its conclusion will be in 2017(!). This means that 2017 will be a very special year and there are many other indications that the prophecied Third Temple will be reconstructed very soon and preparations are now intense in Jerusalem to start construction.


Just like Buddhism prophecies a Messianic era in 2017(2 500 years after the passing away of Buddha) Judaism predicts a great change in the world in 2017.

Biblical Prophecy About Syria And Israel

Damascus destruction

Damascus Has Been Destroyed In Line With Biblical Prophecy

As for the Bible it is said that the prophecies are coming true as we speak. As for the Syrian catastrophe when Damascus was destroyed it has been prophecied in the Bible:

Isaiah 17:1:

“A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.”

Israel flag

Two Thirds Of Israel Will Be Destroyed According To The Bible

Now that Damascus is destroyed we are awaiting great changes in Israel according to the Biblical prophecies. Unfortunately these changes are not all positive according to the Bible.

Zecharias 13:8:

“In the whole land,” declares the LORD, “two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.”


Many Christians have interpreted this as the predestined payback for jews for killing Jesus 2000 years ago. They also claim that this disaster is the only way to make the jews believe in Jesus. However, some prophets like Swedenborg claim that Israel in the Bible simply means the whole world. That would signify unprecedented disasters in the near future for the whole world.

The Return Of Messiah In 2017?

Messiah Return

People Await The Return Of Messiah – 2017 Is Said To Be The Magical Year


The idea that Jesus will return during a year of Jubilee comes from some calculations made by Rabbi Judah ben Samuel in AD 1217. According to the rabbi, there would be a certain number of Jubilees from ben Samuel’s time until the Messianic kingdom would begin. The year 2017 is said to be the end of that predicted period; thus, some people look for Jesus’ return during Sukkot (the Feast Of Tabernacles) in 2017 (October 4—11). The Messiah will return to give His people rest and cause great jubilation among His redeemed.


Falun Gong Shows Its Power In 2017?

Jade Practice

Falun Gong Is Prophecied To Be The Way Of The Future

As for this website we tend to agree with the ancient, orthodox prophecies and we also believe great things will happen in 2017 although we are not sure about Israel in the Bible being the same Israel on the map. We also believe that people should learn about Falun Gong and its predestined role according to prophecies. We believe that as long as people can identify with good values they will have chances in the future.