Norse Highest God Odin Can Only Help Us Eighteen(6+6+6) Times….2017-04-14…

Lord Odin Gives Mankind Help 18 Years – Then Comes The End

German Stigmatized Nun Therese Neumann stated the following about the ”Age Of Cain” from 1999-2017(6+6+6 = 18 years) 

”the great plague will open in 1999 and it will bleed for eighteen years: this will be the time of Cain(the murderer)”

Please read the full article about Therese Neumann here

In a shocking discovery we now find a very strong sign to the number of 18(6+6+6) in Norse mythology. The sacred text of “Havamal – The Words of Odin the High One” from the “Elder or Poetic Edda” which has a history of at least 800-1300 years give us a shockingly clear reply about the special number of 18.

In “The Song of Spells” Odin – the highest Asian God in Norse mythology – tells us that He can only offer us help 18 times. It starts with the Stanza 145 and ends with Stanza 163 where He states that the final help he will tell to nobody and secrets are staying safest with one man. In Stanza 164 Odin tells us that the 18 helps are for the benefit of man and for the destruction of the Giants(another kind of beings in the Universe according to Norse mythology).

Coinciding with the magic number of 18 in 2017 is the mass persecution by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) of 100 million Falun Dafa practitioners in China going on since 1999. The persecution has gone on for 18 years in July 2017. Also Buddha Shakyamuni predicted 2017 as the start of the “Magic era” and the jews have 2017 as the end of tenth jubilee indicating the end of the beginning of the Messianic era which lasted from 1967-2017. Please note that 1992 is at the center of the tenth jubilee and that was the year that Falun Dafa was introduced in China to the public.

Many prophets have foretold 1999 as the start of the greatest spiritual battle ever on earth. Nostradamus, Ragno Nero, Edgar Cayce and many others have given 1999 as the magic year.

Fire Rooster

2017 – The year Of The Yin(negative) Fire Rooster

Norse mythology has an intricate system of prophecies in different texts and we discovered a few weeks ago that Norse Mythology predicts 2017 to the start of Ragnarokkr -since we have reached the year of the Fire Rooster this year. Please read more here: Falun Gong And The Fire Rooster In 2017



live organ harvest

Unimaginable Torturous Death For Falun Gong Practitioners In China


The number of 18 equals 18 years of help from the Creator(Odin is the highest of Gods in Norse Mythology) to mankind. This is the time that man has been given to realize the essential truth about Falun Dafa and the evil persecution(The Age of Cain going on from 1999-2017) of kindhearted spiritual people taking place in China today without many people taking notice in the west. Most people are asleep but this is the great turning point of mankind before the great change taking place in september 2017 according to prophecies. Know the truth, oppose the persecution of Falun Gong in China and try to live by Falun Gong´s principles of “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance” and be safe.




The Song of Spells – Havamal(from the Poetic Edda)

Those songs I know, which nor sons of men
nor queen in a king’s court knows;
the first is Help which will bring thee help
in all woes and in sorrow and strife.146.
A second I know, which the son of men
must sing, who would heal the sick.

A third I know: if sore need should come
of a spell to stay my foes;
when I sing that song, which shall blunt their swords,
nor their weapons nor staves can wound.

A fourth I know: if men make fast
in chains the joints of my limbs,
when I sing that song which shall set me free,
spring the fetters from hands and feet.

A fifth I know: when I see, by foes shot,
speeding a shaft through the host,
flies it never so strongly I still can stay it,
if I get but a glimpse of its flight.

A sixth I know: when some thane would harm me
in runes on a moist tree’s root,
on his head alone shall light the ills
of the curse that he called upon mine.

A seventh I know: if I see a hall
high o’er the bench-mates blazing,
flame it ne’er so fiercely I still can save it, —
I know how to sing that song.

An eighth I know: which all can sing
for their weal if they learn it well;
where hate shall wax ‘mid the warrior sons,
I can calm it soon with that song.

A ninth I know: when need befalls me
to save my vessel afloat,
I hush the wind on the stormy wave,
and soothe all the sea to rest.

A tenth I know: when at night the witches
ride and sport in the air,
such spells I weave that they wander home
out of skins and wits bewildered.

An eleventh I know: if haply I lead
my old comrades out to war,
I sing ‘neath the shields, and they fare forth mightily
safe into battle,
safe out of battle,
and safe return from the strife.

A twelfth I know: if I see in a tree
a corpse from a halter hanging,
such spells I write, and paint in runes,
that the being descends and speaks.

A thirteenth I know: if the new-born son
of a warrior I sprinkle with water,
that youth will not fail when he fares to war,
never slain shall he bow before sword.

A fourteenth I know: if I needs must number
the Powers to the people of men,
I know all the nature of gods and of elves
which none can know untaught.

A fifteenth I know, which Folk-stirrer sang,
the dwarf, at the gates of Dawn;
he sang strength to the gods, and skill to the elves,
and wisdom to Odin who utters.

A sixteenth I know: when all sweetness and love
I would win from some artful wench,
her heart I turn, and the whole mind change
of that fair-armed lady I love.

A seventeenth I know: so that e’en the shy maiden
is slow to shun my love.

These songs, Stray-Singer, which man’s son knows not,
long shalt thou lack in life,
though thy weal if thou win’st them, thy boon if thou obey’st them
thy good if haply thou gain’st them.

An eighteenth I know: which I ne’er shall tell
to maiden or wife of man
save alone to my sister, or haply to her
who folds me fast in her arms;
most safe are secrets known to but one-
the songs are sung to an end.

Now the sayings of the High One are uttered in the hall
for the weal of men, for the woe of Jötuns,
Hail, thou who hast spoken! Hail, thou that knowest!
Hail, ye that have hearkened! Use, thou who hast learned!


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