Chinese Child Experiences 2017 Cataclysm During Meditation…. 2017-03-29..

We have confirmed from many prophecies the awe inspiring, soulstirring events of 2017. Ragno Nero has specified many coming events in 2017 and now a Chinese child steps out and tells the world what he has seen in meditation. His story is nothing less than extraordinary since it confirms many of the greatest prophecies that we have published on this website.


What we know from old and orthodox prophecies about 2017:

  • 2017 is the year of the Devil(1999+18 years = 2017). 18 = 6+6+6 years, the number of the devil. 1999 was the year the evil persecution against 100 million Falun Dafa disciples started in China.(Nun Therese Neumann)
  • Former Chinese Leader Jiang Zemin Will Be Eliminated In 2017 By Divine Powers.(Ragno Nero prophecy)
  • The coming Northern warrior King will strike against evil.(Ragno Nero prophecy)
  • The new Messianic Era will be started(Buddhist prophecy) in 2017, 2500 years after Buddha Gautama passed away. The reputation of Falun Gong as a true way to enlightenment will be restored.
  • The demons from hell will arrive on earth to start the Ragnarokkr(End of World Battle) battle against the Gods in 2017, the year of the fire rooster.(Norse Mythology)

This story appeared on Minghui at the end of last year. This Chinese child is a Falun Gong practitioner and he saw the main events of 2017 during his meditation.



Jiang Zemin – The Beast Will Pay For His Crimes in 2017?

Full Story Here

Summary of the visions:

  • The year is 2017
  • Jiang Zemin will try to destroy the massive evidence of genocide against him but by supernormal means all his crimes will be exposed all over China to Chinese people. The government will subsequently arrest him and sentence him to death.
  • He is taken to Tiananmen in Beijing and is hanged upside down from a crane. Then the Gods and Buddhas show themselves and start to cut up his body with nine swords – compare with Ragno Nero who mentions seven swords being used to cut up “the Beast”. Jiang has to pay back in the same way as he made millions of Chinese Falun Gong practitioners suffer agonizing death during torture or live organ harvesting.
  • A weeding out of bad people takes place and bad people are burning and then pushed into hell. This is very much in line with Norse Mythology and the year of the yin fire rooster(negative fire year of the rooster).
  • A new era begins when the Lord Buddha appears in the Sky. The old Universe is destroyed and is replaced with a new Universe(this is exactly in line with prophecies).