Muspilli(AD 800) And Heliand(AD 830) Prophecies – China Is Focal Point At End Of Times… 2017-05-07…

We have investigated two ancient German Christian prophecies that are 1200 years old about the End Of Times and what we found is both inspiring and interesting. In fact both prophecies talk about China at the End of Times and they mention many details about what we can expect in the near future. Heliand talks about a great Sage being born in China who will teach people how to escape the infernal powers of Hell at the End of Times. Musspilli talks explicitly about how Elias will bleed and his blood dripping down on earth will set the whole world on fire. Damned souls won´t have any more chances. 



Heliand Prophecy Quotes



“Whoever of the many members of the human race throughout this middle world is wiser in word and deed when he speaks, is one who heard the spell spoken on the mountain by the most Powerful of those born.”

Editor: Here the author describes how the people in China who hear the teachings of the great Sage at the End of Times will have more wisdom than others.


“Do not think for a moment that I have come to this world to destroy the old law, to chop it down among the people…I did not come to this world to destroy the word of the prophets, but to fulfill them; to increase them and to make them new again for the children of men, for the good of this people.” (Murphy 49p)

Editor: Traditional culture is still the foundation of the human world and the prophecies will come true and they will be understood again by children of men for the good cause to let more people know the truth about the future and the essence of spirituality for mankind.

“Then He moved mightily up onto a high mountain—the most powerful Person ever born—and sat apart. He chose for Himself twelve good, loyal men to be the followers whom He, the Chieftain, wanted to have around Him every day from this day forward in His personal warrior company… Then the twelve walked together, fighting men headed for secret council, to the place where the wise Ruler sat.

The protector of many people, who wanted to help all of mankind against the oppressive forces of Hell, the infernal power — will help anyone who wanted to follow the lovely teachings which He intended to explain to the people there with His great knowledge and understanding.

Then he spoke and said there would come a wise king, magnificent and mighty, to this middle realm; he would be of the best  :birth; he said that he would be the Son of God,he said that he would rule this world, earth and sky, always and forevermore. He said that on the same day on which the mother gave birth to the Blessed One in this middle realm, in the East, he said,there would shine forth a brilliant light in the sky, one such as we never had before between heaven and earth nor anywhere else, never such a baby and never such a beacon.”

Editor: The Great Sage has already been born in China according to prophecies. He will teach people how to act as a good human being in order to escape the infernal powers of the Devil trying to destroy people.


Musspilli Prophecy

Muspilli is another legendary German prophecy about 1200 years old describing the events on earth at the End of Times. Since we have analyzed many other prophecies on this website we thought it might be interesting for people to see the oldest Christian prophecies from Germany. The meaning of “Muspilli” or “Mutspilli” is contested and many researchers believe the meaning to be “he who destroys the world”.


If we look at it from a Norse perspective it becomes more logical since mut signifies “courage” and “spil” equals “game”. Finally, as in so many other prophecies the name “Li” is included as well as a magical name from China. The same goes for “Elijah” in the Bible and “Selin” in Nostradamus as well as “Li Hong” in Daoist prophecy – all of these coincide with the birth of Master Li Hongzhi in China – the Master who spread Falun Gong in China from the 1990s and onward. In this case it become “courageous game of Li”. Another understanding is “Mouse Games Of Li” since mus in nordic languages means mouse.


Synopsis Of Musspilli

  • (Lines 1–17) Directly after death, armies of angels and devils will fight for a person’s soul, and they will transport it immediately, either to the joys of an eternal dwelling in Heaven, or to the fire, darkness and torments of Hell.
  • (18–30) Everyone must therefore do God’s will in this world. Divine help can no longer be obtained, once a person lies suffering in Hell.
  • (31–36) When the Mighty King issues His summons (daz mahal kipannit), all humans must attend and account for their actions on earth.
  • (37–47) The poet has heard dia uueroltrehtuuîson (possibly: ‘men wise in the laws of the world’) saying that Elias (the Old Testament prophet Elijah) will fight with and defeat the Antichrist. Elias will be acting with God’s help as a champion of those seeking righteousness, to secure for them a place in Heaven. The Antichrist will be supported by Satan. He will pull him down. He will therefore be denied a victory in the encounter.[7]
  • (48–62) But (many?) men of God (gotmann-) believe that in that battle Elias will be wounded (or killed?). (When?) Elias’s blood drips onto the earth, (then?) mountains will burst into flame, trees will no longer stand, waters will dry up, the moon will fall, the sky will smoulder, middle-earth (mittilagart) will burn.[8] With the Day of Punishment or Penance (stuatago)[9] at hand, no man is able to help a kinsman before the muspilli. Amidst this destruction, what is left of the borderlands where humans once fought alongside their kinsfolk?[10] Damned souls have no further chance of remorse and will be taken off to Hell.
  • (63–72) A man should judge fairly on earth, because then he need not worry when standing before the Heavenly Judge. When a man disrupts the law by taking bribes, he is being secretly watched by the Devil, who will recall his misdeeds at the Final Judgment.
  • (73–99a) When the Heavenly Horn is sounded, the Judge, accompanied by an unconquerable host of angels, sets out for the place marked out for judgment. Angels will wake the dead and guide them to the judicial assembly (ding). All human beings will rise from the earth, free themselves from the bondage of the grave-mounds (lossan sih ar dero leuuo vazzon) and receive back their bodies, so that they may speak fully to their case. All will be judged according to their deeds. Hands, heads and all the limbs, even the little finger, will testify to the crimes they have committed. Everything will be made known to the Heavenly King, unless a sinner has already done penance with alms and fasting.
  • (100–103) The Cross is then brought forward, and Christ displays the wounds which He suffered because of His love for humankind.


Editor: Worth noting is the reference to China in the prophecy. It states that “Middle Earth will burn”. Zhongguo(Chinese for China) means “Middle of Earth” so already 1200 years ago the Christians knew about the central role of China at the End of Times. Not only that, it is said that the Lord Elias will bleed at the End Of Times from all his wounds and his blood that falls down to earth at the End Of Times will burn everything it touches. 2017 is the year of the “Fire Rooster” and it is predicted in many prophecies: and in the sky: that this year will be the beginning of the new Messianic era.

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