Queen Elizabeth: World War III Must Break Out This Year(2017)… 2017-06-12..

Expandourmind has predicted for a long time that 2017 will be the cataclysmic year when the whole world will change in a moment due to the first resurrection. This is in line with Buddha and other great prophets. Not only that, the stars and planets will align in a miraculous way around Sept. 22-23 2017 when the Feast Of Trumpets starts in Israel. This is the great moment we are waiting for.


Buddha, Judaism And Christians Prophecied 2017 To Be The Start of The Golden Era

Stars And Planets Show Us First Resurrection In 2017?


Below the predictions of Queen Elizabeth. The interesting difference between her prediction and ours is that we believe Gods are in charge of mankind´s destiny while she seems to believe that human beings are in charge.  Time wise we agree perfectly and we believe that while they try to start WW III Gods will intervene to stop the destruction. We also believe that the NWO will be eliminated during the next few years as mankind will learn from the Gods about how to live well as human beings.

Below the article about the Queen´s prediction.


Queen Elizabeth celebrated her birthday on April 22nd at Windsor Castle with a private gathering. She shocked the guest by announcing the following:

2017 is a very special year. It will go down in history as the start of World War 3,” the Queen said with an evil smile, according to a Windsor Castle insider.

Queen Elizabeth has an official birthday party celebrated by the British nation in June — when the weather is better — featuring the “Trooping the Color” military parade. April 22, her real birthday, is also celebrated, but it’s a more intimate occasion, featuring only family and invited guests.

The Queen was speaking as though she knows the Illuminati’s plans inside out,” the Windsor Castle insider said, speaking on the strict condition of anonymity. “To make matters worse she seemed turned on by the thrill of a new world war.

The Queen said: “One must prepare for the new dawn humanity will soon wake up to, which cannot come into being without a period of complete darkness, the blackest of nights, the likes of which we have never experienced.”

It is understood the “period of complete darkness” refers to World War 3. The “new dawn” that humanity will soon wake up was explained to be the New World Order.


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