Ex-Banker Bernard Part 1: There Is A Satanic One World Government Today…. 2017-06-21..

There is much talk about World Government these days and the NWO(New World Order). A former top banker called Ronald Bernard has just come out with a video describing the hidden secrets of the ruling world class that  call themselves Luciferians. He describes these people as hateful, angry and dark satanists obsessed by destroying our world by deception.

What Bernard says is an angle from an economic insider who experienced the child sacrifice rituals of the top elite in the western world. He has seen how the elite is one united group of elite people working against the whole world by deception. Their goal is to destroy the world using the strategy of “divide and conquer” and they enjoy seeing the suffering of ordinary people.


Ronald Bernard Reveals The Dark Truth Of Our Western Elite



Bernard comes out with a very rational story about the western elite. We summarize his main points below.

  • There is a group of about 8500 people ruling the world today. They cooperate and they dont have any real conflicts, they are all members of the same club of people.
  • They make extensive use of the Intelligence Agencies who are ultra criminal organizations that will do anything to obtain their goals which are to finance wars and create wars. They trade in weapons, drugs and humans.
  • They ryke the world by “divide and conquer” in order to make people fight each other instead of fighting their real enemies.
  • The top people are active satanists called Luciferians that perform child sacrifice rituals. They extort their members so that nobody who gets into the top ever can get out after they have been extorted.
  • They use dialectics to keep the masses under control, faking conflicts across the world and generating fake wars with only one purpose – to destroy the world and suppress the people.
  • Read the whole document of “The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion” and you will see how they operate in all aspects of our life.
  • The Bible is correct when it states that the devil rules the world and uses child sacrifices to strengthen its evil energy.


We at Expandourmind believe that Bernard speaks truth and this is the story that more and more people realize as a monstrous truth today. There is no west-east or Russia-US conflict. There is only one real conflict between the good people of the world and the satanists that rule them today.