A Calendar For 2017 Cataclysm? Month By Month… Updated 2017-07-24…

Updated 24/7 2017 – this prophecy just grows in importance by the day….

German Prophet Theodor Beykirch published a book in 1849 called “Prophetenstimmen mit Erklärungen”.  In his prophecy book there are many shocking prophecies about the End Of Times and basically the prophecies have nailed our modern culture to an almost perfect extent. These prophets really knew everything about modern marxist culture including feminism, materialism, atheism, high technology, death of the Church, the appearance of Falun Gong in China, the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999 etc etc. They also predicted both world wars perfectly.

We have in earlier articles nailed 2017 as the year of the new Messianic era beginning. It coincides with the star alignment and all kinds of prophecies and even the year of the “Hell Fire Rooster” in China. 

We have also nailed the date of the cataclysmic event to September 22-23 of 2017. But we have not really seen what will happen before that. Now we have a possible clue to those events. We know from Zhu Ge Liang´s prophecy that the evil will “attack the world from four directions” just before the cataclysm. One day “the evil and invisible global power” will come out as one voice and attack the whole world according to Zhu Ge Liang. Let´s see what Beykirch found in a prophecy from an unknown prophet written in 1622:

“The month of June will bring the beginning of the problems but it will not be yet the real war.” ……

“In the month of July, the general mobilization will start.” …..

“In August, all the involved people will start to feel the effects.” ….

“In September, there will be the largest massacre that humankind has ever experienced” …..

“Between October and December, there will be miracles.”


Update 24th of July 2017

A Cornered Rat Attacks- Globalists Are Cornered

rat attack

A cornered rat always attacks – globalists are now cornered

Today we see military mobilization in the following regions:

  • China-India Conflict Escalates Very Fast At Tibet Plateau. Prediction: War Possible in A Few Weeks Time. US needs to support India and all of these nations have nuclear bombs.
  • North Korea: US has mobilized their aircraft carriers and Russia has mobilized. China has put 150 000 soldiers at the border. Prediction: Anything is possible when TPTB decide to pull the trigger.
  • Ukraine: Always a hot zone around Crimea as the US wants Russia to back off.
  • Syria: At the moment better US-Russia relationships. Israel and Turkey push for more war.
  • South-China sea. Reportedly there is a big conflict going on in the south China sea – possibly involving gold. The Chinese are more and more aggressive and has built an artificial island as a military base. Prediction: This one can explode any day and it involves the super powers of China and the US. 

To conclude this prophecy from 1622 indeed seems to be in line with our daily development at this moment with all the super powers facing off in several contested areas right now.  Nobody understands why suddenly all the big countries want war but it seems like the globalists are desperate to attack the world now and seize power once and for all  even all the religious leaders sing the same song. The people of the earth don´t want it but the globalists think that they are Gods. Prepare for a very intense autumn and first of all make sure that you have a good spiritual faith and a high moral standard.


The general mass cleansing of evil people in September perfectly matches the prophecies and the star alignment of Sep 22-23. Please see our News Section for a full coverage.


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