1800 Year Old Chinese Prophecy About End Of World… 2016-12-20…


Zhu Ge Liang Alias “Crouching Dragon”

From ancient times China was always referred to as the “Center Of The World” in old times. Chinese culture has an amazingly rich 5000 year old history with 55 ethnic groups and all kinds of folk religions and official religions across China including Kung Fu schools tied to Buddhist and Daoist systems.

There was a great and holy man of Daoist faith in China living about 1800 years ago. His name was Zhu Ge Liang and he must be considered one of the greatest geniuses of all time. He prophecied many great events for China until the End Of Times.

Zhu Ge Liang was such a magical man that already in his reclusive years he earned the nickname of “Wolong” or “Fulong” (both literally mean “Crouching Dragon”).


Below follows his last four prophecies regarding the End Of The World.

Prediction No 11:
Four gates suddenly burst open
Its coming is sudden
At dawn the cocks have one voice
Its dao is greatly decayed
(Editor: At the end of times there will be a sudden and coordinated attack on the whole world from all directions by the evil rulers. This is expected from a multitude of prophecies about the End Of Times. The attacker will have a very poor moral standard so he can´t last for long.)
Prediction No 12:
Saving from calamity and distress
This can only be the work of a Sage
The yang returns and restores order
The utmost darkness brings forth light
(Editor: Suddenly a Sage will appear and restore order in the world. When things reach an extreme things turn around.)
Prediction No. 13:
The worthy don’t neglect the uncultured                      
Disregarding reputation and virtue                               
All under heaven are one family
 The brilliance of China
(Editor: In the end all the people of the world will realize that they are related to each other. The sages will take care of the bad people. Chinese people are special and this will be understood at the very End of Times. Chinese culture will be glorified.)
Prediction No 14:
Divining to obtain this prophecy                       
From antiquity to the present  
The Yi’s calculations also end                            
Its dao is inexhaustible
(Editor: Zhu Ge Liang used divination to create this prophecy. But he can´t calculate further than this. Its ways are unlimited.)



Zhu Ge Liang describes a scenario much in line with western prophecies whereby a great attack will come on the world at the end of the communist era. You could understand it as a cornered rat making a desperate final attack on the whole world. But at that moment a divine miracle will occur as a sage steps out to save te world. The evil people´s destructive intentions won´t be realized. From then on good people will gradually take over the world, much in line with the prophecies of the “Sleeping Kings” in the mountains taking over power and reinstalling monarchy across the world.



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