Time For Jiang To Leave?.. 2017-09-20…

Finally we are reaching the supposedly magical time of end of September 2017. Is this the moment for Jiang Zemin – “The Beast From The East” to pay back for his surreal crimes in China against all the Falun Gong practitioners there?

This is exactly what the prophecies predict and what this website has predicted for a long time. Whether it will be Sept. 23 or Oct 1 or some other day, let´s not speculate. We have arrived at a moment which seems to be absolutely crucial for mankind. 


Is Falun Gong going to take its prophecied central role in the next phase? This has been prophecied by the great prophets from all around the world since ancient times. 

We can only wait and see when the Lord of Lords makes the decision to end the time for Jiang. Whatever happens will be the best.