Prophecy of 666 Passed Its Time Limit – 2018-09-25….

Many humans have lost humanness

We excuse ourselves for not having updated this website for several months.


Now is the time to get back to business again and we start by proclaiming that the 18 years prophecy(666) has been surpassed by time and we are now at 6+6+7 years of persecution of Falun Dafa in China. This is somewhat unexpected but since all the prophecies relating to the period of 2017-2027 are dodgy anything is possible.


No matter when things happen in the human world – right is right and wrong is wrong and justice will be made at the end of the day even though things seem to take a little bit longer than expected. At the moment we know that there is a huge power struggle going on in the world where China and the US oppose each other while Russia plays both sides. The one who allies with Russia will win the game. Earlier it looked like China was the clear winner but quickly things have turned around as many countries have realized that the Chinese have taken over the world silently during the last 25 years or so.


Make no mistake about it. The evil part in this world is played by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). Both western and eastern forms of communism are the root of the evil in this world.


The end game is always to dehumanize our society and make people weak and dependent on the communist God – government and the banks behind it. People need to be independent and have a strong family in order to be able to stand up for themselves whenever a tyrant takes over their government.


Three Pillars

Falun Dafa meditation exercise

The great hope being given to human beings at the end of times is the scriptures of Falun Dafa(which means approximately “the law of the turning law wheel – the great law”). Many people having grown up in the communist society couldn´t understand the huge importance of this great law at the end of times or even less could they apply it in their daily lives. In Falun Dafa it is said that the three guiding principles for a human´s behaviour should be “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance”. However, it is not enough to say those three words. One has to be able to apply them in one´s daily life and in one´s human relationships – a big challenge for most people. Furthermore, there is more to human life than just behaving well and one has to use traditional principles in order to be in line with divine culture.


About 50 years of materialism and atheism have brought endless misery for human beings and especially for the children who grew up with the wrong modernprinciples in their daily lives thinking that there is no need for families or parent authority. We have now reached the end of this play and we forecast a gradual return to traditional principles in the next decade. Many westerners wont support this change but its only because they have lost their ability to think for themselves. 5000 years of traditional culture ensured that humans could survive longterm and 50 years of atheism, materialism, technology focus and a non human culture have led to many human beings becoming less capable than ever.

At the same time we can see that society is turning to traditional values and Donald Trump is fighting the leftist dictatorship and MSM monopoly. He is now even addressing the Orwellian, marxist surveillance state of Facebook and Google. This is big news and would have been unimaginable 2 years ago. So from that perspective we see that things are changing very fast now.

People will soon wake up and realize what the prophecies stated in ancient times:

The devil rules the world and every human being will have a choice of fight or perish.


As things stand now it seems like many Europeans can´t wake up at all and they dont cherish their own culture or their own traditions and they aren´t even interested in standing up for their own culture. In that case there is very little than can be done to help them. What is worrying is that Europe is so far behind the US in the process while Trump already deals with many big issues like China, MSM, Facebook, Google, pedophilia etc only eastern Europe is firm about being Christians. Western Europeans are still deceived to a much greater extent after many decades of having a comfortable lifestyle.


The next step will soon unfold and the financial system is a key issue that will involve all countries and also the world tyrant rule of BIS(Bank of International Settlements) in Switzerland. Until people take back the right from the banks to print money there is no safety.