China Wants To Strengthen Their Boys In Order To Take Over The World…

There are several reports that the Chinese Communist Party tries to strengthen young boys in China because they have become too effeminate. They even report that this phenomenon might endanger national security.

The reports in China are intriguing to say the least in view of our own MSM trying to kill all masculinity  in western boys these days. Western media promotes endless lgbt people and feminist women while they stamp masculine men old fashioned and stupid.

In the western world we see more and more crazy ideas to suppress men and especially white men are suppressed . It´s no longer about tolerance to minorities but instead there are phenomena that goes a step further like “It´s ok to be white” etc.

Current history books portray western people as the group behind all evil around the world. Western people has had their fair share of evil people but if we take a close look at the slave traders and atrocious crimes of the Christian church and the adventurers we find out that those people were not ordinary western people but mostly jews or top members of elite sects like the Illuminati or freemasons. As we have shown in earlier articles those people have nothing in common with ordinary people and many of them practiced all kinds of vices, even satanism.

The jewish sect was the first one that was infiltrated by satanists at the top level started by Shabbatai Zevi in the 17th century and these people later on they infiltrated all kinds of religions, political parties and governments over several centuries. Today we see in the west that these governments, contrary to their people´s wishes, always promote marxist ideas of globalisation, mass migration, Islam, feminism, pornography, violence, drugs, alcohol etc.

Secondly, our western leaders have been taken in by their Chinese masters and stupidly enough they destroy their own countries which will lead to themselves being destroyed along with their countries if this trend continues. Isn´t it obvious that the Chinese want to strengthen their own country while they want western leaders to weaken their countries in order for the Chinese to be able to take over the west?

The Chinese tactics are so obvious that even a school child can understand it? When will our western leaders understand?…