Wu Zetian – The First Communist Tyrant – 2018-11-17…

Empress Wu Zetian(AD 624 – 705) was the only official Chinese Empress in history. Perhaps many modern feminists won´t like to read this article but Wu Zetian was indeed one of the most terrifying people in world history – a woman of an unprecedented evil character – a true monster, a real witch, a mass murderer and even a child murderer. For modern people including myself it is a shock to reveal that all communist ideas of mind control, male suppression, sexual liberation, violence, murder, enslavement, secret police etc were single handedly implemented by a woman more than a thousand  years ago.

Here follows a brief summary of Wu Zetian from an ancient Chinese historian:

“She favored evil sycophants and destroyed good and loyal officials.. She killed her sister, butchered her elder brothers, murdered the ruler, poisoned her mother and killed her own children. With a heart like a serpent and a nature like that of a wolf, she is hated by gods and men alike.”


Loki imprisoned with a poisonous snake that tortures him


In fact the description of Wu Zetian having both a serpent heart and a wolf nature has a western equal in the story of Loki – the root of all evil in Norse mythology. Loki has three children which are the snake, the wolf and Hel(the lord of Hell). Loki was hated by all Gods and everyone wanted to kill him. However, they were not allowed to kill him and in the end Thor caught him and he was severely punished but he was not killed. It seems like evil can only be controlled and it can never be eradicated.

We are nowadays taught since childhood that men are evil and women are kindhearted and innocent. In ancient times it was said that women were evil and Eve was the original reason of all the troubles of mankind since she was deceived by the snake in the garden of Eden.

The lesser discussed matter is the fact that God not only punished Eve for her transgression with the snake but Adam too – because he listened to his deceptive wife – which was supposed to be his assistant and not his leader. Compare with today when men are belittled as stupid cave men and women are hailed as wise heroes of the future. Humanity is fed a picture of black and white but there is never anything black or white since inside the black there is white and inside the white there is black. It´s just that there are different levels of black and white.

When we think about communism, feminism and the modern era we see that its all about inverting the old truths and creating a world where truth is false and evil is good. Now we will turn our attention to the country with the longest and most well documented history of the world – China. How was it in ancient times with their female rulers? How long ago could women impose their will in China?

Surprisingly we see that women have been influential in China for thousands of years and some women even became de facto rulers of China – officially or unofficially. The most infamous and most evil woman was probablyWu Zetian who ruled China officially for about 15 years but unofficially for at least 40-60 years by secretly or overtly controlling her husbands which were the emperors.

CCP zetian

Wu Zetian according to CCP propaganda – beautiful, progressive, modern and visionary

Today Wu Zetian is hailed as a true hero by the current rulers of China – the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). That fact is not only extremely intriguing – it shows the whole world which kind of rulers China has today. This is a stern warning to all people of the world whose governments in most cases worship China and don´t dare to criticise China.


Let´s take a look at the background and deeds of Wu Zetian. First off – her family background:


  • Her mother was of Turkish descent – this is very interesting since Wu Zetian always promoted her mother´s side of the family after she got a high position at court. This is of interest because jews are only considered jews if their mother is a jew and jews always focus on their mother´s side.  Now we don´t want to criticise jews in general here, it´s only about the individuals who hijacked judaism and turned it into something bad. This hints to us that Wu Zetian belonged to the secret, satanic and globalist sect that married and mixed with native people all over the world in order to infiltrate every country and take over power at any cost. There are stories which claim that jews paraded as buddhists and daoists in China while keeping their satanic talmudic judaism in secret. Furthermore, it has been proven by DNA study that the Ashkenazi jews are mostly of Turkish descent.
  • Wu Zetian was taught to read and write since a very young age – something very unusual in China at the time and exactly in line with jewish ideas to achieve worldly control since ancient times. Women in China at the time were married off as home makers and had no chance to do things in society. This implies that she was indeed born in a very special family with great political ambitions. Furthermore her great interest in sexual orgies, sorcery and murderous activities from a young age suggest a very special family background.


Wu Zetian – Whore, Murderer, Spy Master, Witch And 666 Beast

It is well known that Wu Zetian had wits and good looks that attracted many men. From the early age of 13 she came to the Palace to serve the emperor but soon charmed him and later took control of him from the bed chamber. Before the emperor died(by slow poisoning of Wu according to some historians) she had already taken control of his son and made him her new lover. It was  obvious from a very early age that Wu Zetian had an insatiable appetite for lovers and murder of political opponents of any age and family bond. If there ever was a woman more monstrous than this one you will have to search a long time.  Some short facts about Wu Zetian follow below:

  • Wu was a favored concubine of Emperor Gaozong, and eventually gave birth to a child fathered by him. The baby died soon after, and Wu blamed its death on the reigning empress consort, Empress Wang. However, ancient historians believed that Wu strangled her own child herself. After the death of the baby Wu cut off all the limbs of Empress Wang and drowned her in red wine aliven”like a pig” as she herself wished. This scared the other members of the court greatly and Wu got greater power after this incident.
  • Emperor Taizong passed away and Wu was supposed to be put in a temple instead of remarrying. Wu had other plans that didn’t include living out the rest of her life in a convent. She had actually started an affair with Taizong’s son, then called Li Zhi, prior to Taizong’s death. Missing his mistress, Li Zhi requested that Wu return to the palace, although some sources say she escaped the convent. With his father’s death, Li Zhi became Emperor Gaozong.
  • When Wu was crowned Empress after a long road to absolute power, an earthquake hit China. It was widely regarded as an omen. A Confucian scholar also said that Wu’s policy changes were reversing the natural order, since a woman was in power. According to this scholar, “throughout the empire in every prefecture hens changed into roosters, or half changed.”
  • Following the earthquake that occurred after her coronation, a mountain rose up from the land. Instead of seeing it as a bad omen, Wu interpreted the mountain as a blessing and a reference to the Buddhist mountain of paradise, Sumeru. Wu then dubbed the mountain “Mount Felicity.” Wu obviously didn´t remember old legends stating that you can be bewitched and get imprisoned in a mountain.

666 Prophecy Fulfilled By Wu Zetian At Mount Tai in AD 666 – The Holiest Mountain Of China

Mount Tai

Mount Tai was desecrated by Wu Zetian in AD 666

  • In 666(!), Wu led a group of women to Mount Tai, a ceremonial site. There, the women took part in holy rituals that were normally reserved for men. Here we have something of extreme importance. Already in 666 this monumental event took place and it seems to hint to us that what we are seeing today with ideas of women controlling men isn´t a new idea – it was already in place in 666 in China. The satanists of the world have obviously planned the whole destruction of our civilization since the origin of time.
  • Wu spread paphlets across China where people were forced to learn to recite scriptures where the ruler of the country had to be a woman who was supposed to be a mother figure of the country.
  • Wu’s official reign as Empress was from 624 to 705. However, she was all but in charge from 683, when Emperor Gaozong died; she quickly wrested the real power from her own son upon her husband’s death.
  • Emperors were known for having numerous concubines, some of whom performed intimate duties. However, Empress Wu, not to be outdone by the boys, also had her own concubines. The Zhang Brothers were her favourites, and were known to spend a lot of time with Wu in “closed quarters” well into her old age. The old witch was even trying to use the age old trick of preserving her life by stealing life energy “Qi” from the young boys in the bed chamber.
  • We can see here that the communist idea of turning women into whores by promoting mass pornography isn´t a modern idea either. Wu openly played the role of the “liberated” old woman in charge of the country without any moral restraint. The role model of a righteous ruler is extremely important and in this way the whole population will see that gangsters are rewarded with power.

The Empty Deeds Of Wu On Her Grave Stone

Wu Zetian grave

  • Wu’s tomb lies in Qian County with a stone slab erected outside of it. The slab, or stele, was customary, but it’s missing something: it was supposed to be inscribed with the empress’s deeds. Wu’s stele was left scornfully blank to tell the afterworld that there was absolutely nothing good in her.
  • During her reign, Wu proclaimed that she was a reincarnation of the Buddhist figure Maitreya. In Buddhist teachings, Maitreya is a figure who will return to Earth to save people and eradicate evil once the writings of the Buddha have decayed.  Obviously Wu could even dare to say such ridiculous things. Wu also made Buddhism the state religion, replacing Daoism.
  • Wu appointed a woman in a role now referred to as “prime minister.”  We see the whole scripture of feminism and marxism being presented by Wu 1400 years ago. Obviously mankind has been reared for an extremely long time and the evil only repeats their script incessantly until they succeed to finish off our civilization.
  • In 690, Wu officially declared herself Empress and named her reign the “Zhou Dynasty.” The name was in reference to a fiefdom her father hailed from, but was also a reference to an earlier dynasty from which Wu often claimed a lineage.
  • The traditional mourning period when men died was three years in ancient China, while women got one. Wu made the change to allow deceased men and women to both have three years of mourning. We get the point – men and women are equals just like MSM teaches us today.
  • Wu even made up new words. In 689, she had the government create a new Chinese character, “Zhao.” The new character came from two pre-existing ones, combining the characters for “ming” (light) and “kong” (sky). Wu literally became the light shining from the sky according to her own false self image.
  • The empress was reportedly behind the execution of 36 senior bureaucrats who were either executed or forced to commit suicide. Additionally, hundreds of members of the bureaucrats’ families were enslaved.
  • During the Zhou Dynasty, if you wanted to air your grievances about someone, you could drop a complaint in a copper box. That’s because Wu set up a series of copper boxes in the capital, where she allowed citizens to submit anonymous complaints about each other. Wu wanted people to spy on each other and fight each other in the families so that she quietly could expand her own power and divide the people. Wu established her own secret police force in 686, who took a hands-on role when dealing with her enemies – murdering or enslaving them just like our modern communists did 1300 years later.
  • Wu looked for some help from above during her Emperor Gaozong’s reign, and even employed a court sorcerer. However, Gaozong was becoming (rightfully) mistrustful of Wu due to the amount of power she wielded, and her interest in magic rubbed him the wrong way. He sought to depose her but with her snake nature Wu could deceive him yet again with her sweet talk.
  • When Wu was still biding her time away from the official position of Empress, Emperor Zhongzong, her son, didn’t heed his mother’s advice and often made important decisions without her input. As a result, she stripped him of his title and then exiled him. His successor, Wu’s other son, learned from his brother and followed his mother’s orders—until he was also stripped of his title.
  • Wu always found ways to stand out as one of Emperor Taizong’s concubines. One of the most notable was offering to tame one of his horses. Her tools? An iron whip, a hammer, and a knife. As she said, “First I’ll beat it with the iron whip. If it does not yield, I’ll hit it with the hammer. If it still won’t be tamed, I’ll cut its throat with the knife.” Wu was a full blown psychopath ready to do anything to achieve her goals.
  • When one of Wu’s ministers advised her that she should live a more respectable life as a widow rather than an empress, she promptly sentenced him to exile in the “swampy, disease-ridden Southland.”
  • Lady Wei, who was the wife of Emperor Zhongzong, Wu’s son, used Wu as an inspiration for her own political machinations. Wei would go on to poison Zhongzong, paving the way for her son to become emperor. It runs in the family as they say.


Summary – The History Is A Treasure And Wu Zetian Shows Us The Real Historic Roots Of  Satanism And Its Connection To Women

Actually, many modern people are shocked when they learn of Wu Zetian. We have seen similar evil female rulers in the west like Catherine I – a murderous witch of Russian history. However, that was more than a thousand years after Wu Zetian had outraged both Gods and humans in China and not even Catherine I seem to be able to compare with Wu Zetian.

The most stunning details of Wu´s life can be found in her extreme appetite for murder – even of her own baby infant – and power as well as her sorcery, spying, enslaving and torturing of people beyond any human dignity. The turkish roots of her mother seems to be an unknown but yet so important detail which seems to reveal her secret satanic family background as a foreigner of mixed, barbarian race in China on the quest for absolute power by treason against traditional principle.


The three sirens seduce and kill male sailors according to Greek mythology

What we can learn from this story is that modern, marxist-feminist culture has stolen many ideas from the monstrous Chinese empress called Wu Zetian. She was the first communist leader in world history and she left a terrifying legacy for future communists that followed in her traces. Chinese history has issued the stearnest warning of all to our modern world – evil women exist and they can be extremely dangerous. It was famously and very truthfully stated 2000 years ago:


“Once made equal to Man the woman becomes his superior.” – Socrates


This is not politically correct today but people are waking up to the fact that modern society represses men in many ways, one of which is to rewrite history and claim that all evil comes from men.