Yellow Vests – Truth About NWO Slowly Spreads To Masses… 2018-12-19…

Illuminati card game with proposed yellow vests marching


Most people have seen the MSM reports about the yellow vests in France and people notice the fear they have instilled in the French government. Portrayed by the MSM as a despicable group of people on a spree of destruction on the streets of France the truth is of course completely different. This is by far the biggest threat in Europe to any government in the last century I believe and it´s ironic that it starts in France – the origin of the bankers republic created about 225 years ago. The reason is that the government isn´t in control of the protestors. These protestors are not paid off by Soros or any other banker. It could be that the cabal really thinks that it´s in control – take a look at the Illuminati card game image above and many observers assume that they are in control. However, as much as the secret cabal wishes to be in control they are not in control. Things will spin out of control when destiny tells things to spin out of control and this will soon happen. The bankers era will be ended soon just like all other eras have ended when it´s time to end them.

How do we know that the yellow vest movement is a game changer for Europe?

  • The MSM is very much against the yellow vests.
  • The protestors targeted an MSM outlet in Paris during one of the weekends, this would never have happened if the bankers were in control.
  • The French government is extremely scared of their own police and they openly put snipers on the roof tops in Paris threatening to shoot any police officer that joined the yellow vests.
  • Real Frenchmen from the middle class participate in the protests. Very few criminals and very few immigrants participate. These real Frenchmen are the real target of government oppression and hence the government is very scared of ordinary people´s revenge.
  • The protestors are well aware of the truth about the bankers ruling France and the world.
  • Many of these protestors want the head of their President Macron on a plate. This will be retribution for what happened during the French Revolution 225 years ago when Rothschild bankers cut off the heads of 17 000 people in Paris and wiped out the whole elite of France. Macron is people´s first target and despite him being a mere puppet of the Rothschild bankers he is still very much aware of the fact that he is consciously fighting against his own people and that´s why they want him first.
  • The left-right illusion is collapsing and people from all political sides come out to oppose their government.


The yellow vests is a movement which may or may not change and morph into something else soon – but this is the initial spark which will make western European people more courageous and rest assured that these kind of movements will spread across Europe very soon.


The Real War Is About Culture – Traditional Culture Or Marxist Slave Culture Under NWO

As mentioned before most people in Europe still agree on the fact that Christian culture is better than muslim, materialist and marxist slave culture. However, European people are all divided and conquered by all the artificial movements created by the NWO in order to create chaos in society.

In the end people will need to destroy their own governments and start over from the beginning with clear minds about how to live life well and protect their lifestyle which include family culture, nation, race and religion. Anything else will lead to enslavement under the NWO. The dice is thrown. Let the end games begin.