The Naked Truth – We Owe All Our Money to Our Fellow Citizens – not to the Banks…

For my whole life I was perplexed about money. What is money, how is it produced and by whom and how is justice ensured when money is created? I never understood it and I believe 99,99% of the population shared my fate of never understanding money and its creation. We never even knew how much money that was created and by whom. The most important question was never treated in any school that I know of – and if it had been that school would probably be shut down at once. Why is money such an enigma? Because whoever controls the money production holds the ultimate power over that country or region sharing that currency.

Nobody wants you to understand how the money producers operate because if that truth is spread among the populace it might lead to revolution. Henry Ford said in the 1920s:

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Why did such an important man say those words? Because Henry Ford had figured out the ultimate secret and conspiracy against the masses in modern society. No truth is more shocking and more important for the masses and this secret is protected by all media outlets and the whole education system. Confront your political parties and your central bann on this issue and you will see them panicking.

How is Money Created

First off, it´s no secret anymore that banks create money on the fly in a computer. Crimes on a micro scale are punished by death for ordinary citizens but they are not at all punished when banks do them on an astronomic scale.

Bank of England stated in 2014:

“Commercial [i.e. high-street] banks create money, in the form of bank deposits, by making new loans. When a bank makes a loan, for example to someone taking out a mortgage to buy a house, it does not typically do so by giving them thousands of pounds worth of banknotes. Instead, it credits their bank account with a bank deposit of the size of the mortgage. At that moment, new money is created.” (Bank of England release a report called “Money Creation in the Modern Economy”)

Who Has the True Rights to Any New Money Created

All people in a country has the right to a proportional part of all new money created – at the very least after they become adults. This means that when any bank creates any new money the correct debt holder is the people of that country or region where the currency was created. This means if you borrow 500 000 USD from the bank when you buy a property – all those money with interest rates(which are criminal and disastrous in any economy) should be paid back to the people. Is this a shocking revelation? It is.

Inversely – all money money that other citizens borrow from the bank – those money you have a proportional part of. In light of this citizenship is a huge thing.

How Much Money are we Talking About

I make an example. In the US the total consumer debts amounted to about 13.5 trillion USD in 2017. Let´s imagine that interest rates are 2% and the mortgage plans are based on 25 years pay back time. That means that in one year the banks can make 270 billion USD in interest rate revenues plus 540 billion USD in mortgage payments. All those 810 billions belong to the people but they get zero. Of course, banks pretend that they always had the money that they created out of thin air and how the mortgage revenues s are accounted for is still a mystery to me. I would not be the least surprised if all that money is channeled back to some secret sources.

In any case, there are 330 million americans. Take 810 billions and divide by 310 millions. You get about 2500 USD per person per year starting from when you are a newborn baby. At age 18 years you would have saved up at least 50 000 USD incl. interest rates. More than enough to pay for a college education in case you want that. And when you reach an old age you would always have those money every month no matter what.

The Horrible Scam Against Old People

I will make another example. Imagine that there were no banks today and all money in the country were owned by the people of that country. Let´s call this country “Fantasy Land”. One day the banks arrived and they got the rights to print money out of thin air and then to pretend that the debt money is their money.

They get the right to print 7% new money every year. This means if the total number of money in a country is 1000 Billion when the banks arrive – the second year it will be 1070 billion USD. In 10 years the total amount of money will be:

1000 x 1,07^10 = 1970 Billion USD.

So in 10 years the people only own about 50% of all the money in that country and the banks own 50%. After 20 years the numbers are shocking:

Now there exists about 4000 Billion USD in that country and the banks own 75% of all money in the country.

Remember, I didn´t even calculate with any interest rates here. If we add interest rates the picture will be even more shocking and the people will own far less of the money.

What is the point of this example? It´s that banks rob the whole world of all properties because in this system the people will never be able to pay back all their loans and those who never take any loans will be devaluated into nothing unless they have an annual growth of 7% on their assets.

Imagine old people who worked hard their whole life and then while they are old and don´t know how to invest their money and make them grow. The secret is simple. Since the large majority of all money created is used for property investments we are sure that properties will rise in value until the hidden rulers decide to crash the system and then restart it again. This cycle is typically happening every few decades. The current cycle is more extreme than any other cycle so be prepared for huge changes and the main question is when the governments will ask for global dictatorship with China on top and a new(fake) world religion launched.