Supernormal Energy Radiated and Captured by Camera at Falun Gong Events..

In the whole world today there exists about 100 million Falun Gong practitioners. They all believe in supernormal powers – powers that are actually normal but deemed supernormal by our modern science. In Chinese this kind of higher energy is called “Gong” as in Qi Gong practice. It is said that all human beings have Qi but only those who cultivate to higher levels(ie in a spiritual practice or by doing Gong Gu cultivation) can reach the state of having Gong energy.

In Falun Dafa practice the emphasis is on first becoming a good person in line with “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” and then practice the Falun Dafa exercises to increase one´s Gong energy.

In the following two videos we can see special energy radiated from the Falun Gong practitioners during large events. The camera seems to suggest that practicing Falun Gong can really have the effect of creating high energy levels not commonly seen in society.



We have in several earlier articles described the prophesied arrival of Falun Dafa as the righteous spiritual practice what is supposed to arrive at the end of times as the righteous way of human life – and therefore persecuted by the CCP or the “Red Dragon” as it has been described in religion and prophecies.