Part II: Comparison Between Modern Man and Animal Snakes….

Many male anacondas compete to mate with a big female

It´s very interesting to study the species of snakes. Snakes have a quite unique lifestyle just like modern man has acquired a similar lifestyle as the animal snakes found in nature. You wouldn´t believe it until you read the facts below.  Sources about snakes are added down below.

  • Snakes are loners and individualists.
  • Modern people live single lives in big cities trying to make ends meet and making some money. (Sw)Eden has the most individualistic population in the world according to scientific investigations.
  • Snakes are not territorial and move around freely.
  • Modern, globalist people move freely to any country wherever there is a job and better pay. They have no territorial connection anymore.
  • Snakes are sneaky animals who can lure their prey into traps by deception.
  • Modern people lie a lot and are disloyal to anyone for personal gain including their own family. They conspire and do all kinds of bad things.
  • Snakes shed their skin, changing their looks and at the same time invite male snakes for a mating session after shedding their skin and sending out pheronome to signal mating time.
  • Modern man goes out to party after changing clothes, putting on perfume and cosmetics – often trying to find a partner.
  • Female snakes have sex with many male snakes.
  • Modern man have many sex partners and don´t marry like in old times.
  • Female snakes are sex symbols and male snakes are only looking for a way to breed with them.
  • Modern women are sex symbols above all and nobody promotes the holy mother symbol of ancient times.
  • Snake mothers leave their babies immediately after birth.
  • Modern women leave their kids to strangers in kindergarten when they are as young as 3 months old.
  • Female snakes are usually bigger than male snakes.
  • Modern women are growing taller and taller and are predicted to become taller than men in the future according to some researchers. China is a good example of tall women and short men.
  • Female snakes are known to eat male snakes after mating, the opposite is not true. They are more aggressive and dominant.
  • Modern women are responsible for about 75% of all divorces and at least 70% of modern women in the west consider themselves “King of the family”.
  • Male snakes can feminise themselves and give off the same odour of a female snake and hence invite a bunch of male snakes – all due to the lack of female snakes who are “snake kings”
  • Modern men are feminised, weak, scared and there are many homosexual men.
  • Male snakes come in large groups trying to mate with one female who is more popular.
  • Modern men go out in large numbers and compete for the same woman who is popular.
  • Male snakes have double genitals to increase chances for mating.
  • Modern man does not have double genitals but it exists too….
  • Male snakes can become transvestites.
  • Modern man has many transvestites.
  • Snakes are fearful animals hiding in darkness when there is danger
  • Modern man is very scared of anything and runs to the government or his doctor if there is any danger.
  • Male snakes are wasting too much energy on finding a female and die prematurely.
  • Modern man dies earlier than women. Whatever the reason is.



Modern Man is Turned into a Beast

If we look at these facts it turns out that modern people have a lot in common with snakes in the animal kingdom and it definitely wasn´t like that in traditional culture.


Is there a hidden agenda in the human world to turn modern people into snakes in line with the story of Adam and Eve becoming baby snakes under their mother snake called Lilith? Olof von Dalin claimed that (Sw)eden was the place of the Garden of Eden and Swedish culture is indeed the most feminist and anti-family in the whole world. Also, the people are the most individualistic and lonely people in the world while Swedish men are seen as some of the most effeminate men in the world and Swedish women are seen as the most masculine women in the world. Was Olof von Dalin right about Sweden being the origin of all human snakes?

Adam looks confused but eats the forbidden apple

Part III: Who was the root of communism´s spread? Was it Lenin or Stalin or someone else? Was the Garden of Eden script repeated in the 20th Century?


Sources about snakes:

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