Part III – Garden of (Sw)Eden: Bolshevik Aleksandra Kollontai – Return of the Snake..

Kollontai posing with communist medals – she had rivers of blood on her hands


Everyone knows about how evil Lenin, Mao and Stalin were. They butchered people in the millions and they were just extremely evil. They themselves lived in luxury while their people were butchered and especially intellectuals and religious people were butchered in droves.

However, the worst people are said to be traitors because they hide in the shadows and they destroy traditional culture among the people. Cicero said two thousand years ago:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”

This phenomenon is the least investigated in modern culture. Nobody thinks about why our society has become a terrible mess with crazy people and leaders that face no punishment after doing horrible things. It´s as if a secret force is trying to turn mankind into a beast. Snakes hide in the dark so let´s lighten up the darkest places in history a bit here now.

Modern people don´t know about a certain lady called Aleksandra Kollontai (1872-1952). She was infinitely more evil than both Stalin and Lenin because what she did was to secretly alter the minds of the people to a more selfish and base state. Her primary target were women at the time. She tried to make them leave their husbands and children in order to pursue a career and materialism while turning them into whores that slept with any man at any time when they felt like it. She wanted them to kill their babies or at least leave their children to Bolshevik state care for a thorough communist brainwash that would turn their babies into real, brainwashed communists in a few years time.

This is the paradox and the truth of human life. Brainwash and mind control is infinitely more dangerous than any open enemy or any brutal violence. Stalin and Lenin were openly evil and proclaimed violence while Kollontai altered people´s minds towards darkness and operated in the shadows. Therefore she is the one to study if you want to learn the essence of communism after usurping power by violence.

What did Kollontai do? She was the first one who killed and stole babies from their families – by either mass abortions or communist brainwash in Kindergarten. and destroyer of families. Secondly she encouraged women to leave their husbands and become independent and live in big cities. Thirdly she encouraged free sex. She called herself the “Jeanne D´Arc of the revolution” and was also called the “Red Rose of the Revolution”. That is about as far from the truth as possible. 

To summarise the “Kollontai plague of mankind” – she wanted to turn people into beasts like herself and she was prepared to do anything to succeed in doing evil. First, take a look at the hard facts of this woman who said that she felt “whole in Sweden”, speaking of the Garden of (Sw)Eden and the root of modern culture.


The Folk Song by the Russian People about Kollontai Reveals a Deeper Truth

There is a saying that common people always know the real truth about their rulers. Russian people created a folk song where the most vicious communist isn´t Lenin – it talks about a blood thirsty demon King called Kollontai.


“Russia has turned into a brothel,

The Bolsheviks’ orchestra roars out,

And various scum is dancing

A Soviet can-can with no knickers.

The crook Lenin greets the guests.

The glasses are brimming over,

And seeing the blood in them,

hysterically Bawls that whore Kollontai.”

Kollontai – Hard Facts

– Born out of wedlock in a noble family with a radical general father in 1872 – this was a scandal at the time and she also stated that communism is a multi generational conspiracy against the world. She was the youngest daughter with three big sisters.

– She had a very strong connection to (Sw)Eden which is said to be the original souls from the Garden of Eden. She lived in Sweden from 1930-1946 as the ambassador to the Soviet union.

– Her family is traced back to the infamous vampire family of Dracula in Romania. Also her birth name – Domonovitj – may give some people the shills.

– She was heavily criticised by her own mother for being a bad person who was very selfish and lazy at home.

– At age 24 she left her four year old son and divorced her husband in order to do revolution and fulfill herself and become a leading feminist revolutionary.

– She quickly became a touring agitator for the leading international feminist-communists in Europe and she even toured the US.

– Kollontai was imprisoned for various crimes in Russia, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Among others sexual indecency and incitement to subversion.

– She was the only woman among the 13 original Bolsheviks who planned the revolution.

– She became “People’s Commissar for Welfare” for the Bolsheviks in 1917 and founded the Women´s department in 1919 in Russia.

– She legalised abortions, free divorces and free sex in Russian including legalising homosexuality. This was the first time in world history that a government openly ditched traditional culture and the effects were so terrifying that Stalin needed to reverse her laws about 20 years later in order for Russia not to collapse.

– Due to her dangerous, evil nature and her crazy ideas she was sent out of Russia by Lenin and was sent off as a diplomat to Norway in 1921. She was effectively exiled from Russia by the Bolsheviks until 1946 when she was picked up in Sweden by Stalin with a military plane after the scandal about Raoul Wallenberg.

– She was married at least twice and lived a life of free sex with many lovers. It is said that she could easily enchant men and even Stalin who was very hard boiled. In 1918 she was 45 years old and married 28 year old Pavel Dybenko which caused a great scandal in Russia. Speaking of man eaters and female snakes her very first date suicided the very same day that he had been intimate with the 15 year old Kollontai.

– She tried to always keep all doors open to all communist fractions in order to get maximum power no matter which leader who was in charge. She was a real power politician with absolutely no loyalty to anyone but herself.

– She had very poor health during her whole life but miraculously lived until she was 79 years old despite stroke and other very serious health conditions.

– She was extremely popular among the Swedish noblesse and became the “leading lady of the Stockholm noblesse”. She had personal relationships among many of the highest level politicians and industry men including the Wallenberg family.

– She is suspected of having plotted to murder many famous people such as Trotsky and also the Swedish industrialist Ivar Kreuger.

– Stalin never trusted her but reportedly made use of her to kill competitors for him such as Trotsky and other communist leaders.

– Kollontai was a Soviet Ambassador to Sweden from 1930 to 1946 – a real hardcore Stalinist.

– She lived a luxury life in Stockholm with the Wallenberg family as her neighbour and she wore posh clothes and furs. In summertime she rented the greatest palace in the Stockholm archipelago for her retreat, Villa Kassmann. It was as if she was worshipped as a kind of leader of Sweden among the elite.

– She had many Swedish friends including all the Swedish feminist revolutionaries who worshipped her as a kind of Goddess. She said that the Swedish male communist leaders were like a “pure echo” of herself.


Some Quotes About Kollontai

“Despite all of that, even during Women’s History Month, you won’t read much about Alexandra Kollontai — a woman so dangerous that the United States government once deemed her a national security risk. Because she was a socialist and an early 20th century advocate of sexual freedom for women, Kollontai still gets written out of the “herstories” of global feminism.

“Heroine of the Bolsheviki upheaval in Petrograd” and announced to its incredulous readers that “she holds a cabinet portfolio, dresses like a Parisian and does not believe in marriage.”

In 1924, after she entered diplomatic service, The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that the “Communist Valkyrie is [a] match for any man in diplomacy.” A year later, The New York Times accused her of arranging fake marriages to promote “red propaganda” in Norway.

In 1927, The Washington Post revealed that the new Soviet diplomatic envoy to Mexico — “who has had six husbands” — had been refused a landing in the United States. Her worldwide reputation as “the Red Rose of the Revolution” or the “Jeanne d’Arc of the Proletariat” unsettled the Americans, who feared her mere presence might incite public disorder.

In the book “Stalin and his Hangmen” – Kollontai is singled out as a wicked witch and whore:

“Exceptionally beautiful and a talented writer, although six years older than Stalin she enchanted him, as she did many men and women. She suspended his Georgian predilection for discreet, silent and chaste women.”

Needless to say, Stalin was a tyrant who killed his enemies in droves and he resorted to all kind of means such as assassins, poisoning, public executions and slander against his enemies. Once, Stalin showed Kollontai a secret letter from Dzierzynski (the wicked secret police chief) where a Russian peasant complained of orgies at a Siberian village bearing the name of “Kollontai”.

This meant a sure death sentence for Kollontai who had agitated for free sex since decades in Russia and now her own village had turned into a beastly place – how convenient! She panicked and fled to Mexico city where she was hiding from the assassins for almost two years. After coming back she sent Stalin a letter where she boasted about having plotted to assassinate Sergey Kirov and Kuibyshev:

“On a day when two close friends of you have been ripped of life, I can´t help having warm thoughts about you…”

When Trotsky was seeking asylum, Kollontai persuaded Stalin that assassinating Trotsky in Norway would be ‘too noisy’ and suggested a solution: to stop purchases of herring until he had been expelled to a country where Stalin’s NKVD could operate freely against him. Kollontai writhed in private: ‘Executions… They are always, invariably, my grief and agony,’ she wrote in the original version of her diary.

The irony of all this is that she was so extremely dishonest that it´s plausible that she even imagined that she was a good person and a hero of the world. Insanity and extreme evil goes hand in hand and a demon king probably thinks his misdeeds are good things.


Legalisation of Abortions – the Greatest Mass Murder in Human History


Everyone knows that many babies are killed every year by abortion. We dont know the exact number but let´s say that it´s on average at least 50 million abortions per year worldwide. It could be 100 million abortions per year but the number is hidden because many people don´t want to report it.

That means since the year 2000 we had 1000 million abortions worldwide or one billion abortions. Since 1920 – how many abortions did we have? God knows but let´s say that two billion babies have been killed in various barbaric ways.

What is an abortion? It´s slaughter of an innocent life inside his mother´s womb. What is used to kill these babies? Let´s not talk in detail about it but it´s barbaric to say the least. And all of it is because people don´t want to be repsonsible for their actions.

How many people died in WWI and WWII combined? Sixty (60) millions.

How many jews supposedly died by the hands of the nazi? Six millions – a number which is questioned today since there are only 14 million jews worldwide and the number of jews didn´t reduce during WWII.

How many babies died since WWII? Lets say that about 30 million babies per year were aborted from 1945 to 2000. That gives a number of 1 650 million babies from 1945 to 2000.

Inthat case a total of about 2 650 million babies were murdered since 1945. Do you read anything about that in the news? We don´t read a single line of news about those babies. It is a “non news” of great importance.

What is the spiritual meaning of killing babies? It means karma.
What is the effect of a mother killing her own baby? Murder.
What is the longterm effect of 2 650 million killed babies? Less respect for human life. Less respect for the holy mother figure that protects her child. Look at animals and how the mothers protect their little ones with their own life. What has become of human beings after 2 650 million murders?

Kollontai created at least a billion female killers worldwide. This is a truth that is very hard to swallow for most people and its consequences in the spiritual realm are staggering.


Kollontai – the Return of Lilith the Snake from the Garden of (Sw)Eden?

Garden of eden

Now we are coming back to the demon King Lilith in the Garden of Eden. Let´s read the legends about her concerning babies:

Lilith is said to be a demon that kills babies and endangers women in childbirth. Now everyone can see the spiritual connection to Kollontai promoting free abortion – killing babies. In the spiritual realm this supposedly strengthens Lilith´s power by the fact that women who voluntarily kill their own babies gets controlled by Lilith. It is said that Lilith´s offspring will spread around the whole world.

Some obvious connections between Kollontai and the demon king Lilith:

– The Russian Folk song about Kollontai and her demonic lust for blood is a perfect match to the snake Lilith who wants blood and death.

– Kollontai focused on killing babies – perfect match with Lilith.

– Lilith was a snake and the name Kollon-Tai is quite special. Kolon means intestines – who are said to be human´s own snake in many legends and the famous traitor Judas Iscariot died when his intestines exploded and revealed themselves in open air. Tai in Chinese means extreme and it means “king” in Arabic and hindi. Kollontai thuse becomes the “Snake King” or the  “Extreme snake”. Kollontai´s birth name was “Domonovitj”….

– Kollontai liked (Sw)Eden very much and had a lot of support from the Swedish elite. She stayed in (Sw)Eden as ambassador to the Soviet Union for 13 years.

– Kollontai promoted matriarchy – the same ideas like the demon king Lilith and animal snakes use.

– It is said that Lilith the demon King refused to obey Adam and therefore left the Garden of Eden to become a demon in Egypt – the filthy place. When she came back to the Garden of Eden she managed to enslave Adam under herself.

Kollontai wrote a book called “Soon” where she proclaimed herself the future “Goddess” and ruler of man. People would worship “Red Grandmother” on Christmas day in the future. That blood red grandmother was herself of course and matriarchy was the new future according to her. After writing that book she was called the “mad Bolshevik” in Russia and was expelled from Russia.

– Lilith the demon King was a great agitator who could enchant Eve in the Garden of Eden with false promises. Kollontai was a great agitator who could enchant almost any woman.

With these facts we end this part III of this series of how mankind mentally and socially has been transformed into animal snakes without anyone paying attention.

In part IV we will take a look at current world events from a political and spiritual standpoint.