Falun Gong Pro Trump (traditionalism) – Dalai Lama Pro Biden (communism)..

In times of extreme polarisation in society it´s interesting to see how spiritual movements position themselves. It has been said in ancient prophecies that there will be two men coming to the west from the east. One will be the true man and the other one will be a man with bad intentions and the latter one will be very popular with the western clergy.

We have earlier stated that Dalai Lama has a huge political influence over western political and religious leaders and he has also branded himself a marxist, globalist and an atheist in addition to eating meat as a Buddhist.

Now Dalai Lama openly comes out in support of Joe Biden – sending a congratulatory message to him. This is not surprising given his marxist sympathies.

At the same time we can see that Falun Gong supports Donald Trump openly because of his traditionalism and conservative values. The Epoch Times, which is a Falun Gong media outlet, has also been pro Trump since the President´s election in 2016.

Who is right and who is wrong? A religious leader who is a marxist and atheist – can he be right or is he a politician?

I think all our readers know the answer to these questions.