The New King or Puppet of the Western World – Trump or Biden?

It´s hard to say for most people today what will come out of the US election. We who work on this website are convinced that whether Biden might look like a winner today he won´t stay a winner for very long. The reason is simple: the trend is that everything in the human world has to become more and more upright now as we face payback time for karma. We have passed the times where evil could do anything and get away with it unharmed.

Now it certainly looks like there has been voter fraud in the US election. In terms of number of voters, in terms of fake voters and in term of fake mail-in ballots. Whatever the case, the CCP is watching closely since they want Biden to be their puppet president.

The disclosures of Hunter Biden in China, the obvious dementia of Joe Biden, the pure aggression of MSM against Trump paints a picture that Trump is out of the deep state´s control and he will fight for US independence which goes against the “One-World Communist Slave State” that most of the governments around the world want to impose.


We will keep close track of the voter fraud evidence that is now presented. As of today The Epoch Times reported that 10 000 dead people had voted in Michigan.


We expect much worse fraud than that to show up in the next few weeks if good people do what they should do. Defend the truth at all costs because without truth there is no freedom in the future.