Trump and the End Game with the Evil CCP

The world has seen that there is a fraud taking place in the US election. Those that don´t care or look at things objectively won´t admit it but the facts and proofs are just too obvious.

In some states there were up to 1.1 million more votes counted than there are total number of voters. That sums up everything. Who created the extra votes if not the CCP and their puppets?

– The CCP has stolen the US election and put their puppet Joe Biden as President elect. Their plan is to have Kamala Harris take over his post asap  as his mental health is very poor.

– Donald Trump has exposed the fraud in an excellent way and not only that. He has proven that most of his fellow republicans are traitors and puppets of the CCP.

 – All the people in Trump´s administration that betrayed him has proven an important point: Governments and political parties are controlled by other people behind the scene. Specifically the CCP and all their puppets around the world including big tech, the deep state, bankers, big med etc.

– The CCP wants to enslave the world under communism. They call it liberalism and other words in order to cover up the real truth.

– The CCP virus alias Covid-19 has proven another point: All governments cooperate to enslave their people with bad excuses such as locking up people due to the CCP virus which in no way gives the governments the right to take away personal freedom. The identical response to the CCP virus shows that there is a hidden agenda for the whole world and it entails enslaving people under the governments.

– People who accept being enslaved under their governments for no good reason worship government as God. This is the horrible truth that is mostly unspoken.

– The new vaccines are unproven, have very bad side effects for many people and still the governments want to push them on to their populations, they want to pay huge amounts of money to Big Pharma and risk the health of their populations.

– Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook who have banned Trump prove another point: They can´t stand free speech because they have something to hide. Anyone who is against free speech has an agenda to control people and people don´t want to be controlled so if they know about this agenda they will fight back and that is not something the world leaders want to see.

To summarise the situation we have more or less two kinds of people now in a polarised world:

– Those who understand that the CCP virus is used by the world ruler as a pretext to take away all freedoms from the people. The world ruler´s existence is proven by the fact that 99% of all governments react in similar ways to the virus.

– Those who understand that Trump supports traditional culture and family values and that these are good and necessary things to be able to continue a human civilisation.

– Those who understand that freedom is extremely precious and they are prepared to fight for it until death.

– Those who won´t worship Government, Big Pharma, Medical Doctors and MSM as a compassionate almighty God.

– Those who realise that the CCP has an agenda to create a CCP world republic.

– Those who realise that there never was a true democracy with open and honest elections. Stalin was right: “Its the people who count the votes that decide the outcome of an election.”

Finally we have the rest of the people:

Those who refuse to reason logically, study hard facts with an open mind and then those who pretend that they understand nothing but want to do evil and gain personal benefits from doing that.


It is obvious that there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes as we speak. Let´s not comment on that but there is a real battle between good and evil and now is the time evil will have to give room to goodness after having dominated the human world for so long.