Using Falun Gong Mantra Against the CCP Virus…



There are many deeper beliefs in the east regarding using mantras for health and spiritual benefits originating with Buddhism 2500 years ago and then used by the Hindus and many other religions across the globe. Is there something similar in Christianity? Absolutely true even if it wasn´t called “mantras” among Christians. Reading out loud and singing the gospels and psalms have been known to promote good health and happiness for Christians since 2000 years.


Today we have a CCP virus that is spread across the world that creates terrible misery for billions of people, both socially and economically as well as spiritually and physically. How can people improve this kind of situation in a peaceful manner?


The fact is that the arch enemy of the evil and global CCP  spirit is the spirit of Falun Gong and it has been the case for more than 20 years since the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong in China and slandered it through their MSM channels across the globe. We have gone through many prophecies on this website and they all point in one direction. Falun Gong is the spiritual way of the future as all the old religions die out for various reasons. The shift is inevitable. Falun Gong doesn´t demand its practitioners to become monks like religions do.  That means you can improve yourself without isolating yourself from ordinary society like monks do. This is very attractive for modern people who need to feed themselves and their families.

Falun Gong is based on three words that should be applied in daily life (all good things are three as the old saying goes):

Truthfulness – Compassion – Tolerance

Saying the nine words as a mantra are going to have a positive effect against the CCP virus since the sounds are positive and powerful:


Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness – Compassion – Tolerance is good. 


It is also known from science that playing classical music or saying good words to water or a plant will have real benefits.


If you yourself or people you know are sick or scared of the pandemic please try and see how it goes if they repeat the nine words above whenever they are sick.


Here is a scientific paper showing the results for a patient reciting the nine words for 3 days and completely recovering from her severe Covid infection.


Patient Recovers from Severe Covid by Reciting Nine Words


We modern people have largely forgotten to cultivate our spirit and minds while emphasizing exercise of our physical body. All three parts need their proper attention for real health benefits and harmony in life. In fact modern people have fallen down to a lower level in the spiritual sense while emphasizing the material world too much.