Controversial Rumour About CCP Virus Narrative: Vaccine – Accident – Antidote..

There are many theories regarding the CCP virus and the vaccination plans for the world´s people – which seem dodgy at best. Many people believe that it´s an attempt by the governments to get complete power over their populations. One theory that is rapidly gaining ground online has the following outlined steps before global tyranny arrives:


  1. Mass vaccination of the world´s people. Soon done.
  2. After mass vaccination the MSM will admit that the vaccines are unsafe and might be poisonous to many people. At that point many people will have died. The unvaccinated will be persecuted and blamed until that happens.
  3. Then the antidote will be presented as the saviour to the vaccinated people. The CCP will present the antidote since they are the root cause of the pandemic.
  4. Finally the antidote will turn out to be poison again but it can reduce the virus from spreading between people.
  5. At that point the people will turn against their own governments and chaos will be produced for a short while across the world when people rages, especially since their own children will have been vaccinated.
  6. Finally the world government will be presented as the saviour of mankind and a lot of empty promises of peace and prosperity will be made so that 80% of people will accept their new rulers.


A few billionaires have spilled the beans to people and one of them is Miles Guo alias Guo Wengui from China. He is a sworn enemy of the CCP and his theories are considered fringe by the MSM. Whatever the case, we have an open mind and


Miles Guo has presented a video that can be seen here about the video, the vaccination of the US military (to wipe it out):



In this video we can see the deeper ideas of the CCP. First off they want to wipe out the US military by the virus. Secondly the elite of the US that is utterly corrupted according to Miles Guo. Thirdly they want Taiwan. Fourth they want to depopulate the world and then take full power. Russia is the most important ally of the CCP in this game and the biggest losers are the Western world.


Whatever the truth this scenario looks quite scary but on the other hand the world hasn´t had any major disaster for 76 years now so it doesn´t sound very unlikely.