CCP is Behind Ukraine-Russia Conflict….


Today we see a major conflict in Ukraine, supposedly between Russia and Ukraine according to the official narrative. Let´s not call it total war but nevertheless there is military involved from many different countries and most western countries act as passive arms suppliers to the Ukraine side of the conflict. What is behind this conflict? Who sponsors Russia and who sponsors Ukraine?

The CCP sponsors the Russian side secretly and their goal is of course to weaken both sides of the conflict economically and militarily in order for China to be able to take Taiwan and then the whole world. Why is Taiwan so important to the CCP? Because they produce most of the all important computer chips in the world today.

The Western countries with the US sponsors Ukraine and why do they do that? Because Ukraine has been a center of corruption where many Western leaders such as Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden have received big money from oil corporations. In addition the bio weapons labs in Ukraine that targeted Russia are something that western leaders need to bury as deep down as possible. In fact the western countries have many reasons to defend the Ukraine regime

Secondly, why is Ukraine attacked by the CCP with Russia as the front player? Ukraine is the main food supplier of Europe and a huge wheat producer. Why did Russia attack at the end of February?  The grains are put in the soil in March and this year there is a war in March in. Ukraine so the harvest will probably be affected negatively. What will happen to the Ukraine harvest? The CCP wants to create starvation in the world. Look at China today where there is food shortages in major cities such as Shanghai. The ordinary Chinese people are attacked by their government.


Thirdly, what about Ukraine people, who are they? They are typically traditional people with strong Christian faith. Only 33% are vaccinated. That is another reason why the CCP wants to attack Ukraine by its proxy Russia.


Behind all of this is a complete lack of faith in the traditional virtues or the divine among many of the ruling politicians of the world. We have warned about the CCP for many years on this website and the background is that the CCP already started persecuting Falun Gong 23 years ago in China when the crucial moment arrived and its leaders had a chance to choose the virtuous way instead of the evil way. Led by Jiang Zeming the CCP couldn´t stop itself from attacking Falun Gong ferociously and madly and ever since the CCP has become more and more evil.

The CCP is now hesitating about the next step. Taiwan is one issue and another is the vaccine damages that is a ticking bomb for many western countries with very high inoculation rates.