CCP Virus Is Man Made Snake Poison? Replay of Garden of Eden?

The Midgard (China) snake biting its own tail in Norse mythology


In recent times there has been an ongoing debate in alternative news and the topic is relevant because of the fact that end times prophecies and modern culture have shocking similarities to animal snakes´s lifestyles that we have talked about in various articles on this website. Animal snake culture includes free sex, globalism (snakes are not territorial animals), matriarchy, destruction of the nuclear family, killing their own offspring and various other  phenomena.


The fact is that there are a lot of similarities between snake poison and the Covid-19 virus and the terrible stats from vaccine adverse reactions have shocked the world in recent months.

The background of the snake topic is a study done by the University of Arizona that have found the same enzyme in rattle snake venom as in fatal Covid-19 patients. University of Arizona Professor Floyd (Ski) Chilton, Ph.D., has been studying an enzyme related to rattlesnake venom for 30-plus years. Now, he has evidence that the enzyme could drive severe forms of COVID-19—and provide a new target for reducing mortality from the virus.

The enzyme is similar to an enzyme in rattlesnake venom that can bind to receptors in muscles and paralyze them. In people, sPLA2-IIA normally occurs at low levels and is perfectly safe—in fact, it actually protects against infections by destroying the cell membranes of microbes. But in high quantities, it can “shred” vital organs, Chilton explained in a statement.

 “In other words, this enzyme is trying to kill the virus, but at a certain point it is released in such high amounts that things head in a really bad direction,” Chilton said.
What does these revelations mean? The first suspicion is of course what some alt news sources have speculated:
Is the CCP virus engineered from snake venom in order to fulfill the ancient prophecies and the Garden of Eden story with Adam and Eve voluntarily eating the forbidden fruit from the snake? And then turning into snakes by themselves because what you eat you become.
The next one is whether there are very evil forces among Chinese scientists releasing snake poison against the world´s population?
Another one is that snakes are known to bite their own tails sometimes when they go “mad”. This is called ouroboros and in many prophecies and secret societies this symbol is used. Is the real meaning that the current evil modern culture will lead to the snake head biting its own tail? He who lives will see.
Last of all, how can an ordinary human being protect himself against these things? To be a good person is a first good step and to have faith in the divine is probably something very helpful to the peace of mind of the world´s people.
As we have mentioned many times good and evil co-exist for a short while but not for long because evil can´t accept goodness and will attack goodness. Today we see that spiritually modern people are really impoverished with nothing but material belief. However, there are exceptions to this rule and Falun Dafa was introduced in China and quickly became the mortal enemy of the CCP. Look at Falun Dafa and try the exercises which are free of charge. That might be exactly what your body needs.