On The Issue Of 400 Million Deaths in China

In January 2023 Epoch Times published an article in Chinese where Master Li Hongzhi made a few shocking statements. Master Li is the founder of Falun Gong with 100 million practitioners worldwide, a spiritual cultivation method including Qi Gong exercises and meditation to achieve consummation. 

In this article it is said that 400 million Chinese people have died during the epidemic of the last three years. In addition another 100 million people will pass away before this epidemic is finished. As we have mentioned earlier Master Li has warned the world in His article called “Why is there Mankind” that we published recently on this website. I think everyone knows that if a lot of Chinese have fallen ill and died there is a big risk that this epidemic will spread to the West.

With this statement we come to the matter of how many Chinese people there are today. Is Master Li the only one who has revealed some clues on this explosive topic? No He is not. In fact the demographer XX YY said in 2021 that China´s population hade dropped to 1,28 billion people in 2020. In late 2022 Guo Wengui came out and revealed that China´s population was less than 1 billion at that moment(!). 

A hacker called “China Dan” revealed almost a billion ID cards from China in 2022 which many western media outlets investigated as being credible. The big question was the number. Why was it less than a billion?

With these hints in mind and the terrible epidemic ravaging China after the death of Jiang Zemin we do believe that there is some truth to all these statements.

In fact, on January 13th Bao Jian, daughter to the famous CCP secretary Bao Tong, said that she had lost 17 relatives and close friends in Beijing during the latest epidemic. Something that couldn´t happen for one thousand years she remarked.

In any case, these reports show us that end times prophecies of mass death are indeed fulfilled but people in general doubt it because the numbers still an official “secret”. Even if people don´t know it yet we have a feeling that many people are very worried in their minds and many people talk about death.