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Ragno Nero Prophecies 1999, 2016 – 2030


The pseudonym Ragno Nero (which means “the Black spider” ) was a Franciscan monk Master. Probably his name was Federico Martelli, an italian of German descent. Presumably he lived in XIV century in Florence and he was unknown until recently .

In 1972 one manuscript was found in one of the monasteries in Bologna, the so-called “Eternal Book”, the book of an oracle comparable with the greatest prophets of all time. In it R.Nero, one and a half centuries prior to Nostradamus, has given the forecast of events of a civilization on our planet up until ad 6323. The radioisotope method of research has shown that R.Nero’s manuscript was written no later than XVII century.
In 1984 B. Basher published a book of 800 pages in Italy devoted to the R.Nero manuscript and supplied the author´s comments.


R.Nero often masks his writing and he explains the esoteric history of mankind, specifying mankind´s way of development to the future. Many events are specified very precisely and some surnames are ciphered under letters. Luther, for example, is simply named Martin, and the letter by a number.


Amazing is, that unlike Nostradamus, Nero offers alternative ways of development of the future, presented as though a possible choice of man in relation to future world events.

Ragno Nero catches flies to help mankind avoid disasters



He writes that his task includes ” catching flies ” which are carriers of every possible disaster, infections, black things, epidemics etc. The purpose – to catch these “flies”, is to show mankind, which ways it shouldn´t go . If we recollect medieval demonology, one of the names of a devil was Beelzebub or Veelzevul, that in translation means ” the Lord of flies”…

Therefore, R.Nero suggests a second alternative for many events , and claims that change and correction of destiny is possible not only for a separate person, but also for all nations and all of our civilization. Always there is the best alternative, but to people it is not obvious , but only by conscious and collective efforts and group work of mankind on itself, can it become a reality for the people. Conscious work and acquiring spiritual knowledge is necessary and the more spiritual knowledge – the better! In this respect Ragno Nero differs from Nostradamus, which created his famous book of ”The Centuries” with more or less inevitable prophecies.


The Great Prophet advices people to input three hours per day on their spiritual development


Since ancient times very few people have been able to know about the Ragno Nero prophecies and as far as we know there is no English version available.

The Nazis found one version of this prophecy in 1938 and rewrote it to fit their own agenda, especially since Nero prophecied that the Nazi´s war effort would be lost.

In this article we will focus on Nero´s prophecies regarding our time period going from 2016 to 2027 which is the end point of a civilization according to many prophecies. We know from all genuine prophecies that the year 1999 is the most crucial year of all times in terms of the eternal battle between good and evil. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Ge An etc have all described this year as the most important of all times, and the year when evil will attack goodness on full scale and a cosmic war will break out. Ragno Nero also marks this year in the same style, as the starting point of a great battle between good and evil.

1999 – The start of the greatest spiritual battle of good and evil

Jiang Zemin, the evil CCP-leader who attacked Falun Gong in 1999

We know from the history book that the main spiritual event of 1999 was the attack of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) on 100 million Falun Gong practitioners in July 1999, as predicted by Nostradamus and others. Most people know the evil nature of the CCP and some people have understood that the false slander they spread out around the world about Falun Gong isn´t true. According to both Nostradamus and Ragno Nero, evil people will have their due retribution and goodness will gradually get the upper hand.

Ragno Nero´s prophecy below:



1999: THE RISING CAIN(the first murderer in Genesis)


The road is surrounded by night. Human shoulders are white as doves. Rises, the clay from a thousand generations, “the son of the evil.” This will be the standard bearer of the Black Prince. This will be the thing that will shake the olive tree. Now is the time of the plague. The archangel will appear in heaven, but he will be the “son of evil.” In heaven there will be light, but it will be the Black Prince. Green banners triumph over the wind and the knife of Cain will be cleaned in a flag that will have the color of milk and sun. The Black Prince´s cover is put over the village of the fishermen and the fish become snake and the snake will be slaughtered at the foot of St. Nicholas. A forest fire in the belly collapses the parent and tongues of fire will rise to the clouds of storm.

As a sign will be the tremor that blows around the earth and destroys villages and cities. The word of the Principal Nero is a wave that engulfs the ship; it is a lightning that breaks the oak. Where he puts his heel flowers break and the grass withers. The children raise up the knives against fathers and fathers against sons.
Barbarous nations will take possession of the cities and civilian people will leave for the forests. The prophets of the land will be barren for several generations. But the wheat is no longer needed to feed the poor children of Eve. To the east the green man will build a den, where the great Prince of the Night will fall and will be tied with ropes, as they do with the jackals. It will be then that the heavens will spill.


Editor´s interpretation


The way forward is black as the night. The accumulated dirt(black karma) of a thousand generations rise, which is “the son of evil” – the Antichrist. This dark energy will be the foundation of the Black Prince. It will shake the House of the Lord. The plague(spiritual plague) has arrived and the archangel in heaven will be the Antichrist. In Heaven there will be light but it will come from the Black Prince. Green banners(Tibet Lord of the Underworld?) triumph in 1999, the year of” Cain’s resurrection “, and Cain will wipe his knife in a banner in the colors of the milk and the sun [the flag of the Vatican is white and yellow]. The word of the Black Prince is a storm that sweeps the ship [traditional metaphor of the Church], a thunderbolt that breaks the oak [depiction of secular power] ….


Nero, the traitor, spreads his word that takes over the whole church(boat) and the secular power(oak). Wherever he puts his heel the flowers are crushed and the grass becomes yellow.

Family conflicts will abound. Barbarian nations will take over and the good people will run away to the wilderness. The prophets of the land will be barren for several generations but the poor children of Eve will not eat wheat anymore – I am not sure about the meaning of this paragraph but one thing is that people will suffer. In Asia the green man(Tibet underworld ruler?) will build his den where Antichrist will be tied up as a jackal in the future. At that time the Heavens will seem to fall down.


Ragno Nero names each decade according to the mood of the world.


2001-2010: The Decade of Fear


2011-2020: The Decade of Uncertainty


2021-2030: Civilization of the “Golden Calf”


2016 – The pasture – wolves and lambs together

In 2016, the wolf and the lamb change signs


In the land where the wheat produces two ears and where the swallow has fixed abode,
you will see the wolf graze peacefully together with the lamb.
The wolf will bring on your back the sun sign.
The lamb will bring on your back the sign of the night.
The fourth moon pasture will be covered by water.

A mountain of ice marries the sun. And times are changing.
The valley will become desert.
And the wilderness becomes a lush green valley.
then it will be that the wolf and the lamb will change sign.
Many people will be confused.
And the last of the marbles forest bless Peter Wolf, mistaking him for a lamb.


This is the time when man finally accomplishes the useful things.
Sprout the ear where triumphed the plague.
Sprout the ear where the cicada singing.
Few men will demonstrate to know the law.
And the law will be placed on a stick, topped by the head of a bull.
The stars will be changed.
And the stick will be changed because instead of bull head
It will be placed the head of the goat and then the horse.
Beware of ringed hand. He blesses, but his gesture is the curse.
Beware of the past moons of this bizarre time, because it will bring strange changes.


In the heart of the old earth we will speak the language of the catacombs. But few can understand.
He will take advantage of this confusion a young man.
Many sowers remain speechless, with his arm raised, to see pass the new Caesar.

Editor´s interpretation

Time of great contrasts. But also of peace. In a generous land, two people who often fight learn to live together. The sun symbol could relate to the East, while the symbol of the night could indicate some Muslim country (the moon).


The water and ice symbols indicate the purification and say that you are ‘melting’ something. Times change. And change profoundly.


Changes are also planned in the earth’s crust, so that ” desert becomes a valley,” while “the desert becomes a lush green valley.”


Significant is the message which says that “the wolf and the lamb will change sign” because it promises to be great confusion as the former wolf becomes a lamb and the lamb strikes back as a wolf. Perhaps the persecuted people of the world finally starts to attack their tyrant rulers.


“The last Peter” could indicate the last pontiff of this civilization. It could also indicate a charismatic character that will close the doors of the past. Peter will be blessed by the last remaining rational people, and they will mistake him for a lamb.

Listen carefully wherever there is a plague and wherever there is cicadas singing. These will be signs of regions with bad people and good people.


The law will be “placed on a stick.” You might think of a dictatorship, but the stick also symbolizes a journey and punishment.


The “bull´s head” represents the power. God’s power, according to Jewish symbolism.
Changes in the United States of America (the stars). And changes in the laws.


We see that the “bull head” becomes “the goat head”and then “the horse head” perhaps symbolizing the goat who was sent out to the wilderness in judaism. The horse head might symbolize a change to Asian law and power.


The “hand heavily ringed ‘is a symbol of power. The ring represents sovereignty, strength, protection.


In any case, this hand is not sincere.


The last months of the year (last moons) will bring “strange changes.” The heart of old earth means China and many people there will speak the language of the underworld(evil words because of the Chinese Communist Party´s rule). Few people can understand this.


This, however, will eventually create confusion.


The next emperor shows himself in 2016?


A young man will take advantage, create new laws and become the new Caesar(Peter – the new Emperor?) in front of many speechless, corrupted politicians.




2017 – The cry of the forest




Listen to the voice that comes from the East!

Many will say that it is the voice of the river.

Many will say that it is the voice of the storm.

Many still say that it is the world’s voice that crumbles.

The Beast From China Dies: Jiang Zemin Will Pay For His Crimes In 2017

And this is instead the scream of the beast that dies.

His fall pierced by seven swords and he remains buried under the rubble of his castle.

It only saves the throne surmounted by a two-headed.

The seven swords will be washed in the waters of the sheep. And everything will be purified.


Finally, in 2017 the Middle East will see the great hope

In the heart of the land of Muhammad there will be a rebellion

because there people will find the great hope.

The flower will still be cut.

And the blood will drop from seven hills.

The bells from the towers marked in black,

while passing in the air an eagle

with its head cut.

The man threw himself in the wake of two grains of wheat,

but only one of them fathered an ear of corn.

The other became the father of a blood colored berries.


The mighty thunder God Thor – a famous Nordic warrior God

The warrior from the North raised the sword

and he broke the berry, from which he emerged a drop of milk, a drop of blood and a drop of honey.

But only the blood fell to earth.
The winds that blow from the East take the law of a man who
wears a cape and a shield on which is engraved an eagle with its head cut.

And under the eagle there are written incomprehensible words.

Editor´s Interpretation

Many ancient prophecies and religions emphasize the coming of the Lord from the east. Today in the world we have two distinct phenomena being seen in the Western society coming from Asia. One is Falun Gong which emphasizes “Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance” in daily life and traditional culture with divine belief.

On the other hand we have Dalai Lama with his “Marxist religion”. Among worldly matters we see the Chinese Communist Party getting more and more power across the world. They also persecute Falun Gong practitioners in China.


“The scream of the beast that dies” is an important announcement. It concludes a historical cycle, probably in the East. It seems that the “beast” ends miserably with suicide indicated by the seven swords. Does it mean that Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese Communist leader who started the persecution of Falun Gong in China, will die by his own hands next year?


The “seven swords” that will hit the beast have a symbolic value. There is also an appeal to Revelation (the seven churches, the seven vials, seven angels) and the seven sins which are cut down with the seven swords of revenge. The castle and the two-headed eagle are symbols of command, symbols of royal dignity.


Vision of swords’ washed in the waters of the sheep. If we consider the sheep as a symbol of the faithful (the flock of the very elect in the Bible), their water signifies their lives and with compassion they can help clean the swords from the blood of revenge.


The prophecy also announces a rebellion in the arabic heartland. Their finding great hope probably refers to the downfall of the zionists persecuting the middle eastern countries.


The flowers may mean the good people that are still suffering.
The ‘seven hills’ refer to Rome, where there will be an act of violence.
And there are two symbols that are connected to this event: the “towers marked black” and the eagle that flies “with the head cut off.”
These two symbols indicate disasters.


Another ominous sign is the “color of blood berry.”
From the north, he announces the arrival of the famed warrior from many prophecies which should bring a new law to the people. The following symbols of the warrior´s three drops are reassuring.


Blood indicates violence and money, milk symbolizes goodness and honey wealth. Milk and honey were considered the food of paradise. He needs to use violence to kill the evil tyrants, but he will be kindhearted to the people and give back their wealth to them. Unfortunately only the violence came to earth at this stage. What will be the essential thing here? To expose the bankers theft of the whole world by producing money by private banks. We will show you the whole scheme in a separate article. It ends up with all countries and almost all people being enslaved by debt. This is how they will steal the whole world and no private property will exist in the future according to their scheme. The governments are the bankers´ allies in the whole scheme to sell out their whole country to these traitors of the world. So when this warrior God exposes the bankers´ scheme they will resist and initially they will have some power but as soon as people understand the horrible truth they will be gone.


The Eagle has its head cut. Jewish symbolism identifies the eagle with renewal and the east, while the Christian symbolism sees the eagle as spirit, ascension and also the Last Judgment. The eagle also symbolises the peak of good things so it´s a very good thing. There will be a monk from the East(Tibet?) wearing a cape. Since the eagle on his shield has its head cut off it means a crest of a mountain – the highest law. Also we can understand it as if this eagle works with his heart more than with his mind. Less cunning and more genuine.


2018 – The Great Lights


Shen Yun – spreads joy, beauty and divine culture(©”Shen Yun Performing Arts” for this image)

Great lights fall from the sky to dispense happiness.

Man will understand that it is not the same happiness as their fathers happiness.

Man will understand that happiness has to house simplicity.

Kill the part of you that lives for worrying.

Kill the part of you that lives only for money.

Kill the part of you that lives for accumulating wealth.

The Great Spirits say:

work with serenity,

Nourish wisely,

and devote three hours a day

to spiritual care.

The marked violet light will be turned off by “Inoca´s” hand.

And the blood will wet the stone of Rome.

Then there will be a procession of lights.

And many men leave home and parents

to meet God in the silence of the mountains.

So it will be for the tree man with the stars.

And for the king’s lame son. And for the son of the young leader.

The bridge of hope will collapse at the first fog.

This is the time of the first rise of the spirit hospitals.

And doctors will be from the East.

Man finally understands that all disease begins in the spirit of the flesh.

And there can be no disease of the flesh if the spirit is healthy.

The peaceful spirit keeps old age away.


Wise people in China who dare to speak up against the regime for freedom of faith and who are killed for doing that – Falun Gong practitioners


In the new Sodom many men go crazy and drag in the dust

the only wise men who had the courage to speak.

But of this city will come a great light.

Many will be dazzled and fall into ecstasy, while the spirit will reach

a degree of happiness never experienced by man.

Editor´s Interpretation


The “great lights” are charismatic creatures that are sent to the earth from the higher levels of the Universe, to save those who can understand and be saved.


Some aspects of the life of the fathers will be changed radically. Man discovers that “happiness” is something different. In fact, the Prophet equals “happiness” with “simplicity”. And in this time, people are especially complicated, disheveled, impatient and simplicity is not easy to reach.

Finally the materialistic lifestyle will come to an end


One could speak of a reaction, in industrialized countries, to a kind of life imposed by “those who can not see beyond the money.”

In this time, many values ​​of life will change, because people will develop a tendency to heal the spirit, before the meat.


“The purple light” (the sadness?) will be turned off. And here we are reminded of a character, “Inoca”, who will have a decisive role. Because it seems that this character is linked to the “stone of Rome” bathed in blood.


Many (including significant characters) will abandon everything to search for peace within, in the mountains. Or it is a metaphor for them abandoning all their attachments to family and comfort and then they find peace within, as if they were alone at a mountain.


This will happen even to “the tree man with the stars.” This might refer to the Son-of-Man, the ultimate human being or half-God who is referred to as the “World Tree” and at the same time connected to the Universe(the stars).


The same thing will happen to “the king’s lame son.” And for “the young leader’s son.” They are all characters that one day you will be able to easily identify.


At this moment a hope will collapse. Its roots are in the North(the Nordic Warrior?), because it is indicated by the “mists.”. Perhaps the fact that Europe can never be united because of the differences between the North and South and every nation´s unique character.


Now we have a medical revolution. We will heal the spirit first, to be able to heal the flesh. Perhaps, Oriental medicine will change the contents of Western medicine.

This is just in line with the health survey in China about Falun Gong:



But corruption is lurking (Sodom might be China here). Sodom is a place with a population generally unable to free itself from their corrupt habits during this time when the conflict between spirituality and materialism, between honesty and corruption, will be really deep. 

They even torture the wise men who speak up against evil. Finally these people will wake up and they will find great lights in which their spirits will find an ecstatic happiness never experienced by man.


2019 – The Evil Family Is Destroyed


“Moloch the Devil” – in 2019 Moloch´s people will have their karmic retribution


Belial recalls in his kingdom of darkness satanic incarnations,

sent to earth to sow ruin in the world.

This time you’ll see the snakes, which appeared in the world,

as men of genius, as benefactors of progress and architects.

Adramelech was a highly respected politician;

and he will return to being an ox.

Amon was a high-ranking priest;

and he will return to being a wolf.

Haborym was a man of power;

and he will return to being a snake.

Moloch was a man of law;

and he will return to being a bull.

And then there will Alouga, Deber, and all seventy-two dignitaries of Satan, who held great political or religious power in the world.

 And this is the time when you will find that for nearly a century this part of the world has been led by the family of the “Evil One”.

Do not cry on a pile of coffins, because inside there are only snakes!

Do not weep over the river that left the bank, because the water had to purify that land!

Men who aspire for power with greed is always a satanic incarnation,

regardless of their ideas.

And those are the worst weeds of the earth.

And those weeds are always ready to hit man the hardest.

Let things of Satan return to Satan.

Finally harvest time will come to the turtle men of the Hohenzollern castle.

And this is the place where the march will start.

Editor´s interpretation

History repeats itself in cycles. The jews had their retribution dor crucifying Jesus Christ in AD 70 by General Titus at Jerusalem, something which was said to have been divine retribution. According to prophecies the same souls will do evil at the end of times – although China is the center of action at this moment. 2019 is the time of retribution for the evil rulers of the world and it´s exactly 70 years after the CCP took power in China. This has been prophesied by Nostradamus, Sibyl and the Bible(70 weeks symbolizing the 70 years).

These evil rulers were not human actually but only looked human on the surface while being different kinds of wicked animals or demons in their spirit. Note that almost all of these demons are found in the Jewish/Kabbalah scriptures.

The road to conquer new happiness, founded on different values ​​than in the past, is laborious because of all the evil rulers in the world.

This is because “the family of the Evil” rules on earth. The prophecy speaks of ” satanic incarnations “: characters which reach high positions in society to sow their satanic poison.

And ‘This is the time when you will find that many “benefactors” were nothing more than “snakes”.

In the message it lists several “lieutenants of Satan”, which could have a correspondent in their political characters, financiers, religious leaders etc.


The Prophet´s predictions coincide with the theories of folklorist J. Wier (1515-1588) as it is about seventy-two dignitaries. And the army of Satan would in fact be commanded by seventy-two dukes, counts and marquises who recruit people for the devil´s army and steal babies to increase their power. Is this ancient story true?!


Reading the prophetic message, 2019 will be a “general cleaning of evil people”. Many things will be destroyed and many will die. But it will not be appropriate to weep over those coffins because inside ” there will be only snakes.” The snake is always a negative symbol of evil.

Also we will know that there was a special type of people who secretly ruled the Western world for a century or more. If these people are “jewish” as has been prophesied remain to be seen.


There is a flood announced but it has a good motive. It should in fact “purify” the earth. It should destroy all the “things of Satan”: power, money and material goods.


The most significant part of the message is presented at the end. It is said that in Vienna ( “Hohenzollern Castle”), in the fall, “the turtle men” arrive. We should remember that the turtle symbolizes the moon, which is regeneration. And it´s an attribute of Venus and the North Star.


Hohenzollern castle has a great history of housing the dynastic family of the Hohenzollers. This family has played a great role in Europe for 1000 years and perhaps 2019 will mark the return of the old Emperors, Kings and Princes etc to their castle – but this time these reincarnated(regeneration is the symbol of the turtle) people will have special bodies (‘invulnerable’ warriors). We know about old Master monks in Asia who had bodies which didn´t decay 1000 years after they passed away. Perhaps these men will have acquired supernormal powers from practicing true cultivation of spirit and body.


All this tells us that the old Emperors and Kings of Hohenzollern will finally have their harvest time. Is that the time when they leave this human world?

In any case, after their harvest time has arrived there will come a “march” that will have an important role in the future human history. And this “march” seems to be spiritual and it will reach for the stars and the Universe.

Significant is that good and evil is balanced and the worst people are eliminated and sent to hell while the best people are rewarded(going to Heaven?).

2020 – The three pillars of smoke


Mysterious ways to Heaven – the Three Pillars of Smoke(© “The Arts of Zhen Shan Ren” for this image)


In the Land of Osiris there will be great changes. And in the Land of Israel.
The Great Pharaoh will place the crown on the head of the wolf and the eagles will fall to the ground, headless.


The crown will pass onto Peter´s Land.
And here will rise three columns of smoke, which will bring three numbers: one and then eighteen and still one.

Among the light it shines on the ruins of Saint Joan’s  But his task will be to open the door. And the head will be brought into the city marked by the river, he turns to the throne of Peter.


Great excitement in the city of Laces, where you say new things and where the times surpass the times. From the Earth to the Sun will reach a new teaching.

Different colored men will come from the sea to announce good news.
But woe to those who will not listen to these strangers who return to their homeland.

Many masters, in this time, will become servants and many servants become masters.
For all there will be bread. The bread will be broken by the children and will be given to the fathers.


The plow will return to plow the land. And the man will drive the plow. And the horse will help man.

Man will live with the fruits of the earth. And many diseases disappear.
Man will understand that the knife heals a few times and kills many times.
The moon grass will be the sweet sister of the dejected man.


Wise is the man who knows how to recognize his mistakes.
And this is the time when those who never did wrong will be excluded.

The interpretation


In Egypt(outside China) and in Israel(China), major changes are announced. There is a political change. Establishment of a new Emperor(Peter the Wolf and the Great Roman?).


The wolf changed position with the lamb in 2017.
The eagle is a symbol of command from above. But the eagles’ fall to the ground, without a head. ” Their rule is over, it´s a new world.


The “crown” passing “onto Peter´s Land ‘could indicate a change for Italy (return of the monarchy?).


The symbolism of the “three pillars of smoke”, with three numbers can be deciphered in many ways. If we consider the alphabet, the first and last letters are the letter ‘A’, while the letter ‘S’ is the number eighteen. This becomes “ASA” – the ancient Nordic word for an Asian God. We also notice that in Falun Dafa cultivation there are three Chinese characters representing “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance” – to follow these principles is considerred a must for anyone aspiring to become a divine being.

Prophecy about France (Saint Joan) and more precisely Paris which is destroyed. Perhaps a change of capital in France.

In Venice ( “the city of Laces”) there will be “new things.” and the level of culture and human life will exceed all previous eras.


We do not neglect the prophecy concerning the servants who become masters, and vice versa, because it indicates that those who suffers in this era will become the kings in the next era. Bible quote: “The meek shall inherit the earth.”


Man will go back to simple farming like in old times, ie “the horse that will help man” suggests a return to the countryside, to nature and simplicity.


“Moon grass” could indicate herbal medicine in general. The grass is also a symbol of victory. And the moon, according to Christian symbolism, is the residence of the archangel Gabriel.

Finally, the most important lines of this prophecy: “Wise is the man who knows how to recognize his mistakes.” This is a key concept in Falun Dafa cultivation, to always look inside for our own shortcomings and try to improve our behaviour and actions. I personally believe that this is the way to the stars!

The final line:

“And this is the time when those who never did wrong will be excluded.”

This probably means that those best people in the world(“the turtle men of Hohenzollern castle”) will have become divine beings and that they will have been raised up to heaven as consummated beings.

This means that the new civilization has really started and the people remaining on earth will try to become divine beings too. This is what mankind has waited for during thousands of years – everyone´s goal is to be able to make it into the wondrous future – which kicks off in the year 2020!


2021-2030: The Civilization of the Golden Calf

People don´t learn from history – black magic continues

The Altar of Satan

There was a sign in 2019. All people saw it but few understood its real meaning. Purification touched the ground and then flew over the skies.

Bewilderment and anguish envelop everything. But when the fear of the flood is over, the ants will invade the streets again. And the squares will erect the shrine of the Golden Calf, containing the altar of Satan.

Man is destined to fall and rise again. And then fall again. This decade will be remembered as “the civilization of the Golden Calf.” Extensive idolatry and great times of confusion.

Trembling and veiled will the voice of the spirit sound, and it will be stifled by the cry of the golden calf. Because Jerusalem will be a leaf from seven branches, while Sodom and Gomorrah will be seven branches on a leaf.

Never ever will so many victims will be sacrificed to the golden calf. But not a single drop of blood wil be visible. Why did the servants of the golden calf use their robes and vestments to clean and hide every trace of their sacrifices.

Sodom and Gomorrah will be called Amor and Crueo. Their inhabitants wear the robes of love, sewn with threads of wickedness.

The priests of the golden calf will burn incense at the feet of their idol. And the incense will be made of blood.

But the civilization of the Golden Calf will be short and full of events. Everything will pass quickly.

The King will not have time to put the crown on his head, until the kingdom will have disappeared. The swords will not have time to leave the sheath, until they are broken.

The venomous hatred of the Golden Calf will do strange magic. He will confuse the ideas and mix thoughts, so as to guide the East to West and West to East.

2021 – The Saint Nicholas Crown

I saw him fly over the land of St. Nicholas – an eagle with three heads, wearing a royal crown on the left wing.

I also saw the harvesters take the sickle and start to work by singing a hymn. But I did not understand the words well. At times it seemed a hymn of joy; other times of pain.

I saw six women run into the ears of corn, ruining the harvest. I saw the eagle lash out on them, tearing their eyes and hair.

Then the eagle took refuge in the branches of an oak tree whose tip was burnt, as if lightning had struck.

Then I saw a seventh woman with a half white and half red coat, on whose head the royal crown was put.

At the same instant I saw to the West a procession appear. Some weeping men; others threw pieces in the land of gold; others traced marks as to bless the land.

They broke away from the procession of soldiers clutching the blood-stained swords in their hands of. One of them went close to a priest and wiped his sword in his robe.

Then came the woman with the royal crown. Behind her were four children.

And the last of the children was carrying a banner with lots of stars.

All this I saw in a moment when my spirit wandered freely.

And men will see it at the time when

the heavens will be invaded by a poisonous smoke;

the lands will be poisoned by a deadly fungus;

the water will be contaminated with invisible worms.

In this time you will also see the dove on the house of radiant light, while the seventh man departs from his land and from his throne.


Saint Nicholas could mean Russia. Here is a great event coming.

The three-headed eagle which flies over these lands with the royal crown, symbolizes the return of the monarchy. The number three is a very good number(Swedish saying: “All good things are three.”)

At this time uncertainty rules. The singing of the harvesters have both joy and sorrow. After 2019 people know the truth of human life and feel joy about that but they also know that this is the time of payback for old sins so they have both joy and sorrow.

The six women who are “among the ears of corn, ruining the harvest” could represent the six empresses (or regents) of the House of Romanov. But they may also symbolize new political and military realities, formed by the six countries of the former Warsaw Pact. The number of the evil is 666 in the Bible and the woman is symbolically connected with evil in old religions.

Yggdrasil – the World Tree that will burn at the End of Times

The “tip” of burned oak is an ominous sign of the World Tree in Norse Mythology, which could have a reference to the disasters and destruction at the End of Times. The King seeks refuge at the Lord of the Universe, the burned World Tree.

Not to be overlooked is the “seventh woman” (perfection) with a cloak reminiscent of the innocence (white) and blood, violence (red). It could be a charismatic character which comes at a particular moment.

Also interesting is the “procession that comes from the West.” They are men who bring the abundance (gold coins), but also violence (the “blood-stained swords’).

You might think of a new persecution. Suffering in old times meant gold. Perhaps it means that the black karma(sins) will be paid off with blood and transformed into gold.

The “four children” next to the “woman with the royal crown” could be the successors of a renewed monarchy, or a renewed regime.


The flag with many stars means America and the last child may mean that America will take over as the center of the world since last means first in religion.

Heaven and earth and all lives(water) are polluted at this time. The “seventh man” will leave his throne.

Buddha Gautama gave up his Kingdom in order to reach enlightenment

Number seven has good meanings

Seven means completion in the Bible and “Energy” in Chinese and we all remember how Buddha Gautama(Sakyamuni) gave up his kingdom to reach enlightenment in his Paradise. These Kings will do the same and start to cultivate themselves to go to heaven.


The Courtesan with her money

For millennia she was the servant of wealth and mistress of the rich,

For millennia she covered under her mantle adventurers of every stripe and mercenaries at all levels.

For millennia she subjugated the unfortunate, increasing the power of the powerful.

For thousands of years she has influenced the poor and the rich with rituals that have their roots in a decadent paganism.

Now it is time to deploy the legacy of the great courtesan.

His wealth will be divided into three parts.

The first part will be destined

For wood in the fire that will burn

the corporation of the cunning, the powerful and the rich.

The second part will be destined to cultivate

the spiritual flowers

in the new garden of the soul.

The third part will be destined

to sow the hierarchy of wisdom.

Man will always have his own temple, which will be the home of comfort.

But the new temple will have seven gates

and on each there will be a picture of a “Right”.

And in the center of the temple there will be a single star.

And in the interior of the star there will be only one light.

Here come the Wise Men.

Harloos will come from the East,

Sorlim will come from the West,

Nirjia will be the big star of the earth.

On these pillars we will build the great temple in the city of vineyards. They will come here, led by a mysterious light, all men who know how to talk about justice.

Editor´s Interpretation

The Court Jew

The ‘courtesan’ should mean the Court Jew who served as money lender in royal palaces all over the world since ancient times. The prophecy tells us that “the courtesan was a servant and lover of the wealth of the rich” – which perfectly fits the old charicature of the jewish money lender.


For millenia these jew´s black magic(Kabbalah in modern language) pagan rituals influenced the people in a negative direction. Now, however, things change, and change quickly. The riches of the “courtesan” will be divided into three parts and will be returned to the people.


This means that there will be radical changes.

This year concludes “the great courtesan cycle.” And many old things will be burned. Burning means suffering as “burning in hell”. The first part of the wealth will be used to eliminate all the bad people who profited from this evil courtesan. This is a factual truth. A second part of the “wealth” will serve to “cultivate the spiritual flowers. In Asia the Lotus flower is a symbol of compassion for others. The third part will be used “to sow the hierarchy of wisdom”.


That means people need to raise their understanding of the truth of the Universe and there is a hierarchy of wisdom. In China they talk about “Gong”(a type of high energy) level. The Gong level decides how high your wisdom and power is.

Perhaps a great social transformation wil ltake place: the hierarchy of the “privileged” will be replaced by the hierarchy of “capable”. We are on the threshold of a society governed by really capable people.

Man will always have his “Home of Comfort” meaning that a man´s true comfort can only be found inside himself – if he overcomes his bad side and strengthens his good side.

Seven gates with “Right” on top of them means that whichever gate you choose that gate will have a different truth and you choose your own truth. This is a typical esoteric spiritual system where your truth changes depending on which level you reach.

The symbol of the single star means that there is only one Religion in the whole world – the prophesied True Religion that all people will follow. In 2022 all people will know the truth that was disclosed in 2019.

Act in accordance with “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance”(copyright “Art of Zhen-Shan-Ren”)

The three Magi are symbols of different qualities that different kinds of people bring to the world. In Falun Dafa cultivation there are three main guiding words – “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance” that all people should try to follow in daily life. All three words have their own positive meaning. For he who has wisdom these names could be anagrams with deeper meanings.

Hohenzollern Castle in Vienna

The “city of the vineyards”, Vindobona, could refer to Vienna. Here there will be a huge temple built by wise men for the new World Religion and humanity. We all remember the prophecy from 2019 about the Hohenzollern Castle at Vienna being the starting point of the future. This castle was home for a famous dynasty which lasted for 1000 years and produced many Emperors, Kings, Princes and Queens for Europe.

2024 – A new dress for the old land

The new family will come out of the ark and will consist of five people, who will be called:






The Sapientia will be the mother who gives birth and guidance.

The Vetustia will be the father who will give advice and wisdom.

The daughter Arcania will find shelter with a Great Spirit, and where everything will smell again.

The Opulentia is the daughter who will give great fruit and milk in abundance.

La Solitude is the son who will give great pain and then sow the poison in the Middle Ages.

A whole new outfit has been prepared for the old earth, whose name is now Sapientia. The parts of this dress will be three and each will have its own name.

Magistria covers the trunk and will have the color of gold.

Viridia covers the neck and head; and will have the color of ripe fruit.

Pasculia covers the legs and feet, and its color will be that of the grass and grain.

For each part of the dress there will be a tailor.

The three tailors will be controlled by the Master which will divide the good from the bad laws laws.


In this time there will be a return to the classic hierarchy – God – Man – Wife – Children

The light of young children will be tarnished by the splendor of the fathers.

And in this time the fathers will drive the wagon.


The message, perhaps, refers to a new description of the world based on five attributes meaning the five elements of old Chinese science. “Sapientia” means skills, “Vetustia” is old age and means wisdom, “Arcania” means spiritual journey as in esoteric search for higher truth, “Opulentia” means wealth as in classic virtues and “Solitude” means individuality and loneliness as in contemplation of your own character traits in solitude and meditation.

In this era “Sapientia” will be the leader meaning that skills will dominate, perhaps because of the great pains after coming out of the ark, which refers to the great disaster having struck mankind at this time. After the great disaster skills are needed to survive and give birth to a new civilization. Able people will dominate the world.

Interestingly, the prophetic description of “dress” (new order), “prepared for the old earth.” The parts of this “dress” will be three. The whole earth will be remade after the great catastrophe and it will have three main spiritual themes.

There will be a central part (“Magistria ‘), which will be like a central Master with golden colour, around which everything else revolves. Buddhas are made of gold and they focus on kindness so kindness should be the central theme. ‘Viridia’ (from viridarium, garden and could also refer to female) will produce beauty, food (vegetable) and offspring necessary for this civilization; Finally, “Pasculia” (from pascuum), the rich land, the land of pastures – again a reference to virtues, the good substance in each human being produces corresponding riches in the material world.

The “fathers” who drive the wagon means that our current era where the “yin”(female) energy dominates the yang(male) energy is finished. The masculine man will again be the head of the family and women will return to softness and traditional female virtues.

2026 – The Five Sisters

Five Sister – Five Elements – Hard to Agree

They will rise from the sea, like so many sirens.

They will be five sisters who dispense life. And their dance is harmonious until the fire sister will not change her laws.

Then the water sister and grain will be overwhelmed by madness.

The sister of the house will be deprived of speech and movement.

The sister of the traveler will be trapped on the mountain of solitude.

The five sisters will be on the earth shoot. And the earth will produce only brushwood if the five sisters do not find an agreement.

Do not be deceived by the words carried by the wind that comes from the East.

Many are men who have yet to be purified. It is necessary for some blood purification.

Many voices will change. Mothers do not know the voice of their children. And many children do not know the voice of their father and mother.

Respect the laws of Sarion, because their roots are in Nature.

Help nature to follow its cycle.

Help man become man.

Whoever disturbs Nature will be cursed, and his life will become a torment.

Do not be fooled by the stone, which appears clean and shiny. Lift it up and you’ll even find worms.

People marked with crafts irons continue to plot in the shadows. But he is about to unleash a terrible storm.

Beware of the last three moons and those who carry the new cart. And with this wagon comes for many also the purification and liberation.


The number five symbolizes the pentagram, the five senses, the five elements of all material things. One could speak of the past, in some ways, magic. The sirens come out of water which signifies life.

Man is discovering something new, but you will find in front of something unexpected. then it will be that “the fire sister will not change the laws.” Fire is one of the five elements in classic science and her neighbours are the earth(grain) and wood – hence there is imbalance which creates only brushwood on earth.

As long as this imbalance continues there will be great problems. Fire refers in many prophecies to the white man. Perhaps the problems will originate from the white man who can´t change his laws – or rather his thinking – and hence the earth can´t produce riches because of this imbalance.

From the East comes “a wind” again. This has a spiritual meaning because the wind is something light and intangible. The East will produce the great spiritual awakening of the world – this is decided by many great prophets.

The Eastern men at this stage are not yet enlightened and can not be trusted because they have not yet been truly purified of their bad stuff(from their communist indoctrination in China?). There is need for blood purification which will mean suffering.

Selfishness, anarchy and madness make people like strangers to eachother. Even to the point that the children do not know more, “the father’s voice and mother.” And vice versa. Because people will change so quickly during this time there will be many problems for people to cooperate.

The “laws of Sarion” could indicate a new kind of life; a rebellion against the “artificial life”, the life of the technology in the closed cage of modern man. People will go back to a traditional lifestyle in line with nature.

There is a return to nature, to the simple life. But man is no longer able to hear the voice of nature, the voice of the earth.

The “rock”, may indicate material things which appear “clean and shiny” but are defiled by dirt. Under this “rock” there are worms.

The people, “people marked with the tools of the trade” are tired and plot in the shadows. They will create a disaster which might take place in the last three months (‘last three moons’).

It will be at this time that  “the new cart” will pass that will bring “the purification and liberation.”. This is hopeful – the spiritually awakened people will bring the happiness and liberation to people.


2027 – Headless Ants

There will be many people who will work from sun to sun and the ears of their grain will be the most beautiful neighborhood. But they will only have a single grain.

People will be condemned to die of hunger.

During this time many people will be like headless ants.

And since man who does not see needs a companion – so ants with many arms but without head – need a thinker.

There comes a man-brain from the secret land of lions. And the West will bring three gifts that will change everyday:

A clear mind, to think.

A pure heart, to love.

A new experience, to plan ahead.

The return will make the barn full of grain. But the taste of the bread will be different.

In Peter’s land light is turned off and many will fall into darkness.

The Tailor returns when the banquet is already finished. And his anger will be great, as great as the tears of orphans.

Do not be dazzled by the light because the dawn is still far away.

Do not leave the old land because of the fruits promised to vest.

The cross with the hooks will be raised on the poplar and many will love.

Let the house that is collapsing be built on eight columns. Many old people will return to sow wisdom.

But the seedlings will struggle to grow.

Lay down your swords, or children of the pregnant mother.

Turn your head to the East and you’ll see more holy men in Peter´s name.


The ant symbolizes industriousness. But the ants in this message are “headless.” You might then think of a useless industry, which does not give the desired results.

Confirmation would also by very beautiful ears of wheat, but contain a single grain.

It is a great illusions time. Ants have “many arms’, but not a head. They must therefore be guided. It seems clear that there is need of a wise leader.

Ants work and produce, but do not have your head to think. And the right time to “man-brain ‘, which will arrive” by the secret land of the lions. ” This seems to refer to a Land where many great Kings reside. And they will return to take over many countries.

“The taste of the bread will be different”: the message seems to indicate a radical change of our world and how it is run.

All this will occur while in the “land of Peter”, that is, in Italy” will turn off a light.” It seems to mean that Italy or Europe will fall into darkness and follow an untruthful path and they will have a feast of deception.

“The tailor” (and here we observe a link with the previous message) “will return.” And his anger will be great because of the darkness in Peter´s land. The tailor seems to refer to a very powerful being, someone who creates the beauty and the civilized manners of this region.

Buddha with a swastika signifying good luck and happiness

“The cross with the hooks” and “poplar” are two symbols that will have a considerable weight in the history of this time. “The cross with the hooks,” according to Christian symbolism, refers to Christ. Poplar is the emblem of Jupiter. The father of the Gods. And the hooked cross of course refers to Buddhism and the Swastika and kindness which is central in Buddhism. In Falun Dafa the center of the Falun symbol is made of a golden Swastika – and it´s spinning. “Many will love” refers to people becoming more kindhearted, they will improve during this time.

These symbols are linked with the “eight pillars”. People should learn to stop arguing and they should let go of many of their bad character traits in order to make their spirit grow and become big. The eight columns refer to a rich foundation of virtues, the number eight means riches in Chinese.

This is the time where the eyes should be facing East. Because this wisdom and spiritual knowledge will come from the East and could refer to a new religion for the whole world and it will be the same religion that the “Emperor Peter” followed in his days(2017-2019?).


2030 – The Black Fox

Black Fox Symbolizes Death of Evil Human Cunningness

The land of the black fox is not far from the sea; but it will not be cut off from the land of the Pharaohs river.

Will wake up after thousands of years and with a single leap will reach Magistria.

Here will be placed on his shoulders a mantle in several colors, with the sign of the keys.

The black fox will then take seven steps and return to his estates.

This will be the moment of the great harvests of the spirit.

The black fox will go from heart to heart.

Give welfare to those who follow the law.

It gives death to those who outrage the law.

The large island that was not of Israel,

It will be of Israel.

And the island will be the Garden of Eden.

In this land he will drop the new man.

In this land we will collect the grain twice a year.

In this land, the apples ripen in February

and cherries in October.

The black fox suit will be made from a single piece of cloth.

And the fox will wear it alone, without the help of the brothers.

And she who is the fastest in thinking,

and the most rapid in the making.

She holds the water green gold.

She will hold the medicine

that will heal many men.

The court of the black fox will be formed by many legions, whose main signs are:

Sun with three rays

black cross with white flower

red flower with sacred word.

And every sign will have a law, whose roots are in the law.


The “Black Fox” refers to a “Dead Fox”. But you could also think of a new Messiah. The “fox” symbolizes cunning, skill, deception. According to tradition – this animal is very dangerous. The ‘black’ here symbolizes death of the cunning human emotions and attachments. When the evil human nature dies the kindhearted, honest and spiritual, divine nature comes alive and this is what this prophecy refers to. The people who have dropped their cunning human sides will dominate the world because the spiritual side has more energy, wisdom and kindness to do things. So the black fox refers to someone who has been enlightened with great energy and wisdom.

The first part of the message seems to announce a sudden event. “With a single leap reaches Magistria”. It is easy to understand what is meant by “Magistria”. It indicates someone becoming “Master”, someone who becomes the Teacher of others. An enlightened person who takes over.

This is also indicated by “the seven steps’, which could allude to Buddhism (Buddha, newborn, got up and made seven steps).

The “Black Fox” will bring a new law and will be ruthless to those who rebel.

Significant is also the message on the “Big Island”, which was placed outside the State of Israel. Perhaps this will be a new land like America or a land coming up from the Ocean floor after the great catastrophe.

But the “big island” will eventually become a new “Garden of Eden”, so that the grain will be harvested twice a year. This will be the center of the World like China in old times.

The “suit of black fox ‘, which will be done with” a single piece of cloth, “leaves to notice the greatness of this being. “The green gold water” could refer to what we read earlier of life, kindness and garden.

Also of interest are “signs” of the legions. These legions will surely be people with spiritual wisdom according to the new World Religion which is prophesied by many to be Falun Dafa. The ‘sun with three rays ” may refer to the three guiding principles of the future – “Truth-Compassion-Tolerance” as in Falun Dafa.

The “black cross with white flower” is a symbol of suffering and reward, how to transform your black substance(black karma) into white substance(white karma) by suffering. The “red flower with sacred words” indicates that you need to give up your bad human nature and replace it with sacred words of kindness – transforming your character into something better and more noble.

Behind every “sign” there is a law, which could refer to Chinese signs having a deeper meaning and root in the laws of life. The whole prophecy of Ragno Nero refers to spiritual matters and have deeper meanings of how mankind can be transformed into better and more noble beings.


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